Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016 Michigan gameday #5: vs. Wisconsin

Today's gridiron opponent is, um *checks schedule* "Wis-con-sin"?  Never heard of 'em.  Seriously, when's the last time Michigan played the Badgers?  Wow, 2010?!  I don't even remember what I was doing yesterday much less six years ago.  Hell, that was two coaches ago!

Historically this series hasn't been much of a rivalry, with Michigan owning a 49-14-1 record.  Win #50 sure does sound nice, though.  Wisconsin is one of those teams towards which I don't really have any animosity, probably because the school and its town, Madison, are very much like Michigan and Ann Arbor.  It's a cool college town home to a team with Midwestern values like big beefy dudes on both lines and running the ball--sound familiar?

But the stakes are enormous in this year's game since both teams are 4-0 and ranked in the top 10.  The Badgers own wins over a couple other squads that were previously in the top 10, and those victories looked impressive at least at the time, though definitely less so now.  They'll be the Wolverines' most formidable opponent to-date in Michigan's last of five straight home games on a march towards their first conference title (and maybe more?) in a long time.

Sorry, Bucky--I'd be rooting for you just about any other day, but today I hope my Wolverines run you out of town on a rail.

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