Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 eBay purchases: Rich Hill wins the Cyan Young award

If you're reading this here post having come over from TMV this evening you already got to see a nice high-end eBay addition to my Charlie Gehringer PC.  Now you'll get to take a gander at my other recent eBay score, this one of a decidedly more modern player:  playoff-bound(!) pitcher Rich Hill, currently of the Dodgers:
Rich Hill 2007 SPx Winning Materials Printing Plate Cyan (1/1)
If some of you are like "He found another Rich Hill plate?!" well then, yes, indeedy I did!  And I didn't even have to pay $8, which was even better.

The 2007 SPx set is one that's largely eluded me in terms of Hill's cards.  It took me a long time to nab his Young Stars Signatures auto, then I even found a plate version of that, but I've literally never even seen any of his 21(!) different Winning Materials variations.  So naturally I found a plate version of those as well.  At least that gives me some evidence that those relics exist!

This plate is a bit of a milestone for me as it represents my 125th different hit of my #1 PC player, good for more than 1/3 of my baseball hits PC.  It's also my 64th overall printing plate/1-of-1, and Rich is represented on 17 of those.

All those numbers are great, but the ones I'm most interested right now are the stats he'll be putting up in a quest for another Wolverine World Series ring!

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