Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 COMC purchases: Drew-y, cheap ones, and Howe

Hello!  Hello!  Helloooooo!  And hooray for lawyer jokes.  If you came over here from my TMV post this evening showing off a nice George Sisler relic, I'm happy to be able to share a few more Michigan Baseball PC additions with you in the form of these five players:
Jake Cronenworth 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Black Asia Refractor
Jake Cronenworth 2015 Bowman Draft Red-Black Asia
Some of you may recall Cronenworth as one of my newer PCs this year; whether or not you do, here's the post where I introduced him to my PC with five cards from the 2015 Bowman/Chrome rainbow.  Those 19 cards comprise his entire checklist so far, but since he was only drafted last year and finished this season in high-A ball, struggling a bit at that, that's no surprise, and you won't hear the word "only" out of me in this sentence otherwise when it comes to his run of cards.

I don't know that I'm extremely thrilled to have to chase even more rainbow cards in the form of these various "Asia" parallels, but they're not numbered so it's not like they're extremely limited, didn't cost much, and add a bit more color to the bunch, so I'll allow it.  They give me seven of those 19, and I'll keep adding to that number when I find reasonable prices.
Drew Henson 2002 Fleer Authentix Second Row (#117/250)
Henson's a guy that's not extremely high on my baseball PC radar since he's split between two sports and doesn't have a ton of reasonably affordable cards on COMC for me to chase.  Because his baseball run is large enough and filled with some higher-end stuff he's not one of my "supercollections" and not a high priority.  All that said, I do like scoring his stuff when I can, like this numbered parallel from the out-of-the-box Authentix product Fleer put out in 2002.  

I have the base card to compare it to, and the main differences are the "SECOND ROW" label between Henson's name and the "F U T U R E  S T A R" label, plus the numbering out of 250 on the back--in this case real gold foil stamping, none of that digitally printed crap.
Steve Howe 1995 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel
And now we yo-yo back to another supercollection player, Steve Howe.  You haven't seen much of him around here lately because I'm just five cards short of his 81 issues, with one of those actually en route to my mailbox as we speak.

This Members Only parallel from '95 Stadium Club finishes up Howe's run from that product, which includes:
Base and Super Team World Series
Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality Members Only

All that's left for me to find now are his '93 UD Gold Hologram, '94 Stadium Club Team First Day Issue, and '96 Leaf Signature Silver and Gold autos.  Not bad!
Mike Matheny 2006 Topps Gold (#252) (#1660/2006)
Aaaannnd back to a non-supercollection with Matheny, manager of the playoff-less Cardinals of 2016, a development that disappointed me a bit.  This particular card avoided my collection for a long time because it took forever for someone to offer to sell one for under something like $2 for whatever reason.  I'll happily add it to my others of him from the Topps/Chrome rainbow of that year while I continue to lack the Gold version of his regular, non-highlights card.
Ross Powell 1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection
Now that we've reached this post's finish line I'm proud to announce yet another new supercollection of a brand new player:  former pitcher Ross Powell.  Speaking of "yet another", Powell joins a large number of Michigan alumni to be drafted by the Reds after his college career (1987-89).  In his time in Ann Arbor he stamped his name several times in the record book, mainly for his final season in which he was named the team's most valuable pitcher and player after going 10-0.

The Reds took him in the third round that year, ahead of Phil Nevin (who didn't sign), future manager Eric Wedge, and Denny Neagle.  Oh, and one pick after Toronto selected some guy named Olerud.

Powell spent his three-year career, 48 games worth, with the Reds, Astros, and Pirates, and went 0-5 from 1993-95.  It's no surprise his mug didn't appear on very many pieces of cardboard, but he find his way into three 1994 products:  Pinnacle, Score, and Topps Traded.  The first two included some parallels, two of my favorites, in fact:  Panini's Museum Collection and Artist's Proofs.  The former is the card you see up above, and for whatever reason it was Powell's most affordable card on the site.  I expect to track most of the rest down via Sportlots, but the Artist's Proof card has been extremely elusive so far as I have yet to see one up for sale anywhere.

Anyway, it's always a cause for celebration when I do some digging and come up with a new Michigan Baseball player I wasn't collecting, so welcome to the collection, Ross!

Stay tuned for one final COMC roundup covering some great football hits somewhat soon, along with the fruits of some recent eBay searching!

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