Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7/2/16 card show report: getting Rich-er by the day

Now that those of you who follow Too Many Verlanders read my show recap over there, it's time to show off the rest of my haul for the few of you that continued over here this evening!  As I said, my haul consisted of ten dime cards, 16 quarters, and four at $2 apiece, with a few of those being trade bait.

Here's the Wolverines from the bunch:
Rich Hill 2016 Topps
The set-filler guy I mentioned, with a table full of dime cards sorted by set, had the Rich Hill base I needed from 2016 Topps Series II, so I happily grabbed that for my first 2016 release of the A's' sort-of ace.  The photo's not the greatest--what do you call something like this, "resting pitch face"?  Anyway, it's my 246th of his 357 issues and 257th overall.
Rounding out the buck I spent with that seller, here's a nine-spot of Wolverines from recent base sets.  I grabbed my first two cards of Wolverine RB transfer Thomas Rawls, a kid who was simply poorly coached by the Hoke regime, headed to Central Michigan, and did well enough to join the Seahawks as an UDFA.  He had a pretty nice 2015 campaign before suffering a season-ending ankle injury, and with Marshawn Lynch gone in Seattle he could have a chance to put up some nice numbers.

Rawls joins Devin Funchess by being represented in both 2016 Prestige and Score, David Harris shows up in the latter, and Denard Robinson the former.  Meanwhile, I added to my Charles Woodson PC with a card each from those same sets to go with a beautiful base issue from 2015 Gridiron Kings, which is another excellent football product that baseball fans just have to be jealous of.
Devin Funchess 2015 Topps Museum Collection RC and Copper parallel
From the quarter box here's a pair of Funchess cards from Topps' 2015 Museum Collection product.  One is a rookie I needed for my first-year collection, and by my count that gives me half of his 24.  Next to his base is a Copper parallel, which is about as meh as it gets for parallels.
TK Legacy Michigan Checklists (#SK1)
Joining the Funchess parallel in the insert collection is this checklist previewing Sketch Cards from TK Legacy.  I've never managed to purchase one of those elusive items because they're relatively rare and very expensive.  Still, even the previews are nice to look at, and I'll pretty much grab any TK Legacy card I don't have in a slow, maybe-I-will-maybe-I-won't effort towards a master set.  Star WRs Braylon Edwards and Desmond Howard are pictured here, by the way.
Jason Avant, Steve Breaston, and Ty Law 2009 Topps Magic Minis
The last of my inserts were this trio of Minis from one of Topps' most well done sets, 2009 Topps Magic.  I showed off the complete Wolverines team set of 15 cards way back in December of 2014 and now I have some minis to go with them, meaning I may just have to chase those as well.  Not that I need any excuses to grab more Wolverine uni cards....

And last but not least we have the $2 hits:
Adrian Arrington 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Autographs Platinum Holofoil auto (#09/25)
I probably say this every time I add a new Arrington, which unfortunately isn't too often these days, but it's hard for me to find something of his that's new to me.  I was surprised to find that I didn't have any version of his 'graph from this product, so to land a parallel numbered to 25 for just a couple bucks was exciting for me.  This is my 47th hit of A-Squared, and each and every one carries his signature.
Thom Darden 2006 TK Legacy auto
And now we move on to a guy making his debut in my football hits collection!  If I have trouble finding new Arringtons, it's often even more difficult to track down TK Legacy autos I don't yet own, so $2 for Mr. Darden here was more than fair to me.  I introduced the productive Browns safety with an Afro back in April in a Rookie Blue-Out post, so he's not entirely new to my collection, just to the hits.  His extremely legible signature makes him subject #197 in that collection, and I hope I can push that number above 200 before the end of the year.
Devin Funchess 2015 Panini Prizm Prizm Premier Jerseys jersey
Lastly, I wouldn't have paid $2 for this Refractor-y (sorry, "Prizm") jersey relic of Devin Funchess by itself, but factored into the total I was fine with it.  It's got a nice photo of a concentrating Funchess making a catch along with a black Panthers jersey swatch, though the design isn't anything to write home about.  While I still need to dig up an autograph of Bunches of Funchess one of these days, I'm now up to three hits of the TE-turned WR.

And all that is clearly an improvement on last month's one-card Taylortown show so I hope I can continue that momentum into August.  Until then, how about some show-off posts from my latest COMC haul?


  1. The Pirates have been supposedly scouting Hill.....

    1. I'm glad for Rich (and his playoff experience) that didn't happen, though he might've been able to help your guys sneak in. Maybe. Ok, probably not this year.