Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2016 trade package #11: GSNHoF helps me tie up my shoes

...with a pair of nice new Shoelaces!  Check 'em out:
Denard Robinson 2013 Panini National Treasures NFL Gear Combos dual jersey (#28/99)
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Supreme Rookie Relic Die Cuts Purple Patch patch (#24/25)
The COMC champion (though I don't know for sure that's where these came from) was at it again with this outstanding Denard duo of 2013 relics.  First up is the typically classy National Treasures featuring two Jacksonville teal jersey swatches of the home state Jags RB, seen wearing his favorite college number.  Below that in terms of order but not quality is a huge three-color patch (with lots of stitching!) from Topps Supreme.  I flipped through all of the Denards in my football PC and nothing approaches the size and impressiveness of this Jags patch which, appropriately enough, is numbered to a reasonably low 25.

Speaking of that number, this pair allowed me to cross a mini milestone for Shoelace hits as I now stand at 26.  Check out all of those and more in my football collection whenever you'd like.

Tim, thanks a ton for the fantastic fodder of the fast Floridian!  I have a few things set aside for you and hopefully I'll have enough stuff for a worthy trade package soon.

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