Friday, July 1, 2016

2016 eBay purchase: resurgent Rich, the comeback Cub

Now that I'm all caught up on my COMC pickups I can post my very last in-hand card--though my new COMC package should be showing up tomorrow!  Still, it's been quite a while since I've had my scan folder completely clear of purchases.

Speaking of buying, I think I've mentioned a number of times that my overall spending is down quite a bit this year so far.  I attribute that to having less luck on eBay and not finding quite as much on COMC so far, plus the shows I've been to have disappointed me thus far.  That's not really a bad thing, though, as it leaves me plenty of cushion to score some bigger stuff or rarer needs as they appear.

Today's eBay pickup falls more into the latter category because it didn't come with an exorbitant price tag:
Rich Hill 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures Bat Barrel Silver Ink auto (#09/25)
Though he's been on the shelf for a few starts due to injury, Hill has been one of the game's best stories since his unlikely return as an MLB starter late last year.  Also, there's a chance he'll be returning this weekend, hopefully to keep adding to his impressive 2016 numbers for Oakland.

Fortunately I don't think I've had a lot more competition than usual for his cards on eBay, either because people are smart enough not to pay a crazy premium for a guy whose track record doesn't indicate he'll keep this up, or I'm just able to outspend most comers because I already have a majority of what gets listed.  Either way I threw down a bit under $8 for this manu-bat auto a bit more than a month ago at the end of May.

The silver pen signature looks quite nice on the manufactured wood, much better in my opinion than the weak pen they went with on the Blue card.

Out of Hill's 13 solo entries in the set this is my 10th, and now we're really getting into the rare stuff because the final three I need are numbered to 15, 5, and 5!  I also haven't ever found any copies of any of the four issues he shares with 3B Aramis Ramirez.

My 124th hit of Rich, this is card number 245/357, including his new issues from this year's Topps Series II.  I now have 261 of his cards overall, including 1/1s.

Here's a quick look at the other 9 cards I already have from this set:

Here's to what will hopefully be a successful return against the Pirates tomorrow night!


  1. I have been so pumped to see his success this year. Though I actually traded him in fantasy baseball for Christian Yelich...go figure lol.

    1. BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nice to see that he's still doing pretty well at this point, blister issues aside. Thanks again for the cards of him you sent me years ago!