Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 COMC purchases: some Michigan Magic

After having lots of fun with COMC's Black Friday/Cyber Monday--including $25 worth of free credit!--I finally got around to getting things scanned and labelled, so today is the first of a bunch of posts where you'll see stuff I bought in late November/early December.

First up is a whole team set of Wolverines from Topps' outstanding 2009 Magic product:
Here's the backs for those:

And the other six:
Plus their backs:
This set is a blast to collect because of multiple factors including
-The college uniforms
-The design and artwork
-The player selection, I mean, where else will you find all of these guys in the same set?  Younger guys like Henne, Hart, and Manningham meet those in whose footsteps they followed, including Tom Brady, Ty Law, and Steve Hutchinson.  How cool is that?!

This is the full set of 15 Wolverines, and of course I'm working on collecting each of the autographs too, many of which you've already seen over here.  Each player has an autograph as well, and of course Brady's would have to be short-printed to 25 copies, but that's a problem for another day.  At least I have seven of them at this point.

Next up is a pair of pretty significant RCs headed to my football rookies collection:
Jim Harbaugh 1989 Topps Traded RC
What's that you're saying?  This guy has been in the news lately?  I'm not going to jinx anything, so I'll just that that it was fun to add a RC of a guy that remains such a large part of Michigan Football, no matter where he's coaching in 2015.
Charles Woodson 1998 Skybox Thunder auto
And naturally I found another Woodson RC to add to the other nine in the collection.  I'm not a huge fan of Skybox Thunder's barftastic design, but I'm able to overlook it for another Michigan uni card of Woodson's.  Old Charles continues to be a force in the NFL, forcing turnovers and doing his alma mater proud.

I've got lots more to show off soon so stay tuned!

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