Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 eBay purchases: jumpin' into January with plates aplenty

January gave me a nice start to my year of collecting for 2016 as I came in way under my monthly budget after throwing money at a show, some COMC purchases, and five eBay wins.  Today I'm here to show off the latter as they're all Michigan-themed:
Rich Hill 2007 SPx Young Stars Signatures auto

Rich Hill 2007 SPx Young Stars Signatures Printing Plates Yellow (1/1)
That's right, not only did I land the first of Hill's 23(!) cards from SPx's 2007 product, which I'd literally never seen for sale anywhere, but I also followed it up a couple weeks later with a plate version as well!  2007 isn't my favorite version of SPx, but then again I like any set that Hill's in--and hopefully he'll show up in some 2016 products.  These two give me a crazy 122 hits of my PC leader, and I now lay claim to 243/349 of his regular issues along with 15 1/1s, which officially puts me over the 10% mark on those (he's got 148 by my count).

Dan Dierdorf 2005 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Signatures auto
As big of a name as Dierdorf is, this is my first hit of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame OT.  That's probably because prior to 2012 he only had a few certified autos, including this one and a couple from the excellent TK Legacy product; Leaf pumped out a ton of different versions in 2012 and 2013.  I've long admired UD's beautiful and historic Legends sets and knew I had to have this card, so I was happy to find a solid deal on it via eBay after striking out elsewhere.  Dierdorf is the 196th different subject in my football collection!

Taylor Lewan 2014 Upper Deck Rookie Lettermen 'O' manupatch auto (#10/50)
I'm slowly building the nameplates of a number of Wolverines in UD's various products over the last decade or so, and in terms of the most recent guys I've had the most luck with Lewan so far as I know have this "O" to go along with an "E" and the "I" in "W-O-L-V-E-R-I-N-E-S."  30% done, guys!  Oh yeah, and this is my 7th hit of the Tennessee tackled titled Taylor.
Amani Toomer 2006 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Upperclassmen Jersey Printing Plate Cyan Front (1/1)
Let's finish with a bang--another plate!  This time it's Amani "It's Not A" Toomer, and I'm hoping this one looks familiar because I made it a point to show off the regular relic version of this card a few weeks ago after scoring it from COMC.  This is my first plate or 1/1 of any kind of Toomer (I'm kind of low on those on the football side for now), and along with the Hill above I can now claim 47 of those overall in my collections, with more to come!  Oddly enough it looks like Topps released plates for both the fronts and backs of these cards (which I think they did with other products occasionally) as you might have guessed based on the name.  I nabbed this beauty for a paltry $6.99, and I'll pay that all day every day and twice on Sundays when it's a 1/1 of one of my Wolverines.

I probably won't have as much to show off, if anything, for a February version of this post as both of my eBay pickups this month are heading across the border, but you never know what might happen with a week left!  Stay tuned for some much appreciated trade packages coming up next.


  1. Oh man. I'm the same way about plates for WVU guys. Pretty much anything is a go if it is below $10.

    I completed "Mountaineers" for Noel Devine and have "EBANKS" for Devin Ebanks. I cheated on the Devine though as a seller had them all.

    Great bunch of cards. You have to have the best Rich Hill collection.

    1. That sounds pretty close to my nameplate spending philosophy too.

      Those sound great! Have you ever shown those off? I didn't realize you had either, and actually almost grabbed an Ebanks for you on COMC recently. How much did the Devine set you back?

      Thanks! And crazy as it sounds, I'm proud to be the owner of that title (unless someone else wants to step up, for some reason).