Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 Blowout purchase: as easy as $1, $1, $3

Ok, I guess so much for those trade posts I teased yesterday being "up next"--I already had these cards scanned and feel too lazy to put in the effort those packages deserve, so instead I'll just say they're "coming soon."

Instead I have for you my first purchase from the Blowout forums since almost exactly a year ago (at least in terms of dates of purchases).  A guy was dumping football hits and inserts for pretty nice prices, mostly for $1-$3.  I happily turned $15 into some fun trade bait for a couple of you along with three cards for my PC:
Braylon Edwards 2005 Reflections Future Fabrics jersey
A plain white swatch relic of Bray-Bray for a buck wasn't enough by itself to lure me into a sale, but it made for a decent throw-in.  I've always found Reflections to be sort of a weird product, maybe because the logo is so unfamiliar and out of the ordinary, and that you don't know it's an Upper Deck brand unless you check out the back.  Regardless, UD took the "Reflections" name seriously with these--if you seek a shiny card, look about you!  My 44th relic of Edwards puts him at 61 football PC hits, breaking the tie with Mike Hart to give him sole possession of third place.
Denard Robinson 2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Red (#12/60)
My other choice from the dollar menu (which definitely more closely resembles food than anything from the one at McDonald's) was what I consider an even better value, this Shoelace parallel from last year's flagship product.  As has become the norm, Topps' parallels don't scan very well and this example is no exception as you probably don't realize the border isn't a flat red but is more like the Red Hot Foil inserts from the baseball product a couple years ago, plus the background is done up, I guess...holographic circles?  In the scan you can barely make something like them out in the background if you know to look for them.

Topps complaints aside, this is a pretty cool card thanks to the solid shade of red used framing an excellent photo of Denard.  The facts that it's numbered as low as it is and was just a buck are just gravy.  It's actually the rarest Robinson in my football inserts PC, though it wins by default as the only numbered card so far!
Roy Roundtree 2013 Upper Deck Rookie Lettermen 'I' manupatch auto (#40/50)
Last up is the most expensive card in the bunch, and the one that first caught my eye on the guy's list that made me think, "Huh, I'd better find more stuff from him!"  If you read yesterday's post you saw my third Taylor Lewan letter from the 2014 version of this set, and now I'm back with a letter "I" from WR Roy Roundtree that's also the third card in his "WOLVERINES" nameplate (an "E" and the "N").  $3 for this guy?  Like I said yesterday, all day every day and twice on Sunday.  This is my sixth hit of the receiver famously "snake-oiled" away from Purdue by Rich Rodriguez, and I'm sure glad he came to Ann Arbor.

Speaking of autographed letter manupatches, since I've had occasion to show one off two days in a row, I did a quick survey of the ones in my football PC (not just limited to SPx/Upper Deck) and came up with a total of 36, distributed as such:

  • A 5
  • B 1
  • C 1
  • E 5
  • G 2
  • H 4
  • I  3
  • L 4
  • N 6
  • O 2
  • R 1
  • T 2

It's a fun distribution to look at since some of the nameplates spell out players' last names while others are intended to be "MICHIGAN" or "WOLVERINES," which partly explains why "N" is the most popular so far; Chad Henne and Jake Long are also somewhat responsible.

I don't know if it'll be another year before I'm showing off another Blowout purchase, but it was definitely fun to grab some stuff for myself and some great trade bait for a very reasonable price.


  1. I've never used Blowout. Looked a few times,but never pulled the trigger.

    1. I really don't find very much there anymore but once in a while I get lucky. You'll be getting a couple cards from this haul!