Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Blowout and eBay purchases: many more Minis

While I'm continuing to put off posting the great trade packages I received until I can devote enough time to giving them the credit they deserve, here's a few more pickups from elsewhere.

Because of the boom in cheap 2014 Topps Mini breaks available to folks on Blowout and through Topps I didn't have too much trouble finding a seller with some of the parallels I needed for my three PC guys in the set:  Chris Getz, J.J. Putz, and Clayton Richard.  One Blowout seller cut me a deal on four of the nine (three each of Gold, Pink, and Black) I needed and then I landed another on eBay not long after.  Here's what I got:
Chris Getz 2014 Topps Mini Gold (#51/63)
This high-flyin' Getz turning two card is the first of the four-card Blowout purchase.  It's my 75th non-1/1 card of his (out of 106) and 76th overall.
J.J. Putz 2014 Topps Mini Black (#4/5)
This black Putz is the rarest of everything today by far and arrived via eBay today.  $10 even delivered was enough to win me the card numbered to just five, and if I was to find the other two's cards at that price I'd pounce on them immediately.
J.J. Putz 2014 Topps Mini Gold (#17/63)
I suppose Putz's image in Topps' 2014 products would count as an "ugly pitcher face" photo, no?  Here he is on the most common parallel, the Gold version numbered to 63.
J.J. Putz 2014 Topps Mini Pink (#20/25)
On Blowout I landed all of the Golds you see today plus this Pink Putz parallel (yay alliteration!) for $12 delivered, and that amounted to $2 each for the former and $3 for this one (plus $3 shipping), which was by far the most reasonable pricing available to me.  The three J.J.s you see above give me his four-card rainbow in this set, which is nice, plus a new total of 184 (of his 326) non-1/1s and 188 overall.  Maybe I'll hit that 200-card mark soon!
Clayton Richard 2014 Topps Mini Gold (#39/63)
Pirates minor league signee Clayton Richard is our last subject, and though he's showing a good amount of effort in his photo, he doesn't meet the "ugly pitching face" criteria in my mind, but the ugly Padres camo uniform makes up for that.  Minus the now infamous Topps XTREME ZOOM effect, this is a nice shot of a lefty's pitching motion.  The card is my 109th of Clayton's 150-card run and 113th overall.

I don't necessarily expect to have the same amount of luck with Getz's and Richard's Pink and Black cards, but you never know!


  1. You should have named this post "I collect former White Sox players because I'm a closet White Sox fan".

    1. Which correctly implies that the Sox are so disgusting that anybody that roots for them would do it shamefully in secret!