Friday, February 5, 2016

2015 COMC purchases: Terrell, Thomas, and Toomer

Yep, I still have a few more posts left to cover things I picked up last year.  What can I say?  I'm a slacker.

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up in a few days, let's go back to the well with football.  There's still a nice number of football hits in my COMC folder, so let's go with those.  Today's theme-like item is players whose last names start with "T".
Amani Toomer:
2001 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game jersey (#112SN) (#36/91)
2005 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Heritage Jerseys jersey
2006 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Upperclassmen jersey
2009 Donruss Elite Zoning Commission Jerseys jersey (#221/299)
Toomer won a ring with the 2007-08 Giants and put up 3 TDs during that season's playoffs; he led New York with six catches for 84 yards in the victory over the Patriots,  I managed to turn up four of his relics I didn't have, all of which are jersey swatches.  

My favorite, as usual, is the LCM card since those feature a very pleasing design, plus the "Authentic Game-Worn Jersey" promise (and better yet, an image of the actual jersey from which the piece was taken on the back).  That's one of a pair of numbered cards along with the Elite example, which is the only of the four that's white instead of Giants blue.  Playoff's card has a very nice jersey piece but the design just isn't quite right.  Finally, I like how the Topps Draft card notes Toomer's 10 years in the league with a cool swatch.  Remember that card for a future post....

These four hits finally get Amani over the 20-card plateau to 21, most of which (18) are relics.
Anthony Thomas:
2001 Leaf Certified Materials helmet jersey RC (#254/400)
2001 Pacific Invincible jersey RC (#228/250)
2001 SPx jersey auto RC (#109G) (#476/550)
2002 Fleer Premium Prem Team Jerseys jersey
2002 Private Stock Game Worn Jerseys jersey
2007 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Materials jersey (#014/125)
A-Train is our big winner today with six new hits, but unlike Toomer he never reached the Super Bowl, and in fact participated in just one playoff game throughout his whole career, occurring during his 2001 rookie season.  At least he's got that NCAA title to hang his hat on!

We start with something a bit unorthodox--a helmet/jersey combo, again from the 2001 LCM set.  It's fun to see what the various manufacturers do/did with helmet relics.  Thomas' Pacific Invincible card is actually a rookie (with the retail version forgoing the jersey swatch), and of course I love the appearance of the Michigan uni, though I could do with a regular background instead of the gold!  Along with that comes another RC and the day's only autograph, straight out of 2001 SPx.  Thomas has one of the best autographs of Michigan alumni and his signature looks great on a typically good looking SPx auto/jersey.

Next up are the oddly named "Prem Team" jersey from Fleer Premium and another jersey from Pacific's Private Stock brand.  These two are about as nondescript as it gets, though I can see a hint of something like Topps Gallery in the Fleer card's design.  A-Train's run ends with a Mirror Red parallel of a jersey card that brings us back to the Leaf Certified Materials product; white swatch aside, I'd say this one looks pretty good.

A stunning six new Thomas cards gives him 46 hits, tying Adrian Arrington for 7th place in the football collection.
David Terrell:
2002 SPx Winning Materials Gold jersey (#199/250)
2002 Upper Deck MVP Souvenirs jersey
And you can't have one without the other when Thomas and David Terrell are involved!  As I've said a million times, those guys were also teammates in the pros, so he appeared in the same lone playoff game as A-Train did with the 2001-02 team.

I didn't have as much luck with Terrell this time, but still came out pretty well with this pair.  The SPx card and its oversized swatch plus huge team logo are a favorite of mine, and I also have versions of Thomas (of course) and Marquise Walker.  The MVP relic is just a bit smaller, but I very much like the circular swatch of dark blue Bears jersey.

David is an unfortunate four cards behind Anthony right now with a total of 42, putting him in 10th place as the last player with 40 or more hits.  Hopefully I can get them evened up and over 50 cards soon!

Besides Toomer's mini milestone, I have one more mark to celebrate thanks to this post:  1100 Michigan Football hits and counting!  As I say every time I reach an interesting milestone, thanks again to everyone who's ever contributed to that total!

That's all for today, but I should have one more post showing off football hits, one featuring football inserts, and even a hockey hit as well, to go with my football RC project before I'm done covering my purchases from 2015, so watch for those soon.

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