Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2-6-16 card show report: warming up to Wolverines

After a bit of a lull in January I had a nice day at the monthly show this past Saturday, though notably I didn't pick anything up to be shown off on TMV.  Regardless, I was happy with the results after throwing down about $58, most of which went towards some excellent trade bait for a few of my favorite traders.

For myself I ended up with five cards, all of which are Wolverines hits, so, not too shabby!:
Juwan Howard 2004-05 SP Game Used jersey
You all know I'm not a big basketball guy, but Juwan was a pretty good player (as opposed to the jackass Chris Webber turned out to be) so I didn't mind plunking down a buck for this very nice Orlando blue jersey swatch.  It's now my fourth hit of Howard in my basketball PC.
Mitch McGary 2014-15 Select Rookie Jersey Autographs jersey auto (#122/199)
Yeah, two basketball hits is even weirder, especially considering this one set me back something like $5, but McGary is a recent guy which means he's much more relevant to me (with all due respect to Howard's amazing Fab Fab exploits).  He was also a mega recruit that had a hand in bringing Michigan Basketball back to respectability.  While I'd still like to get a Michigan uni hit or two of him, I thought this auto/jersey would be a fun addition as my second of Mitch after this jersey.
Steve Breaston 2011 Topps Triple Threads Autographed Unity Relics Emerald jersey auto (#TTUAR3) (#08/50)
While flipping through a $2 box I was a bit surprised to find this Breaston auto/jersey as I think I've only really seen them online, mainly on COMC.  I actually have four total versions of Steve's three cards in the Unity set, and this Emerald version of #3 goes along with the "base" version of that card I already owned; I have a version each of numbers 1 and 2 as well.  While I'm not going out of my way to put all of them together I do try to pick them up when I see them, especially at this price!

This is the 23rd Breaston hit in my football PC and of those I now own six that are autographed relics.
Devin Gardner 2015 Panini Michigan Autographs auto
Devin may not be in the NFL right now but he did do a great job getting the crowd on its feet singing the fight song at Jim Harbaugh's surreal Signing of the Stars event a week ago.  $4 sounded right to me for this excellent Michigan uni auto out of Panini's excellent Michigan set, which shows Gardner wearing the Tom Harmon legend's patch with his #98 jersey.  I now own four hits of Gardner, and in each of them he appears in a Michigan uniform, a streak I hope to keep alive!
Chad Henne 2008 Donruss Threads Crown Autographs auto
Oddly enough I think this is a card I passed on last time, but I was in a better mood on Saturday and happily parted with $5 for this very cool die-cut signature card of my favorite QB to collect.  Now that I'm going to be putting up an album with everything of his that I own (soon, I promise!) I'm even more motivated to find new stuff of Henne's I don't have, and hits are always a bonus.  Speaking of those, Chad still dominates the football collection count at 89, with Jake Long's 74 a distant second.

In non-milestone-but-still-kind-of-interesting-numerically news, as of this post I own 1111 football hits.  2222 might take a lot longer to get to, so I'll celebrate something like this while I can!

I'll be back soon with more of the usual--football rookies and COMC pickups--soon.


  1. That is an impressive amount of hits. You will always be able to add to the list since Michigan produces so many NFL players. I had a nice lull after Slaton and White to catch up. Now with Tavon, Geno and Kevin White I'm busy again.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don't see our NFL pipeline remaining as stagnant as it's been now that Harbaugh's in town. The guys you listed give you plenty of hits to chase, and fortunately you have some stars and guys from the era of a ridiculous amount of sets.