Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 trade package #2: West Coast Wolverines from Fuji

Last November Mark of the Chronicles of Fuji sent me a cool trade package and then mentioned he might not be able to send anything for a while.  I knew better than that--I think he enjoys trading too much to go on that much of a hiatus with anyone--and so I was pleasantly surprised, but not shocked--to get a new envelope from him the other day.

The haul I showed off on TMV (which you probably already checked out before heading here) was great, but I'm excited the most for the stuff in this post.  Why?  100% MICHIGAN UNIFORMS!
Barry Larkin 2015 Panini Contenders base and Old School Colors

Most of you probably aren't shocked that I had both of these Larkins in my COMC cart--naturally I went looking for them as soon as I knew they existed--but Fuji beat me to the punch, and that worked out very well for me!  I love how Panini does such a great job with the college stuff since that's right up the alley of collectors like me.

The base card features a standard Contenders design with the trademark ticket motif, and with it goes a very nice college action photo (and the school's logo is displayed prominently).  The back notes something I've mentioned a few times in this space:  that Bo Schembechler really wanted Barry for the football team.  I'd say his decision worked out pretty well for him.

Meanwhile, the Old School Colors insert goes with a sepia tone along with a different photo.  The back of this one also notes that he could have played football, but instead led the baseball team to a pair of CWS berths while winning consecutive Big Ten POTY awards.  It's pretty easy to see why he was the most famous baseball alum since Bill Freehan left for Detroit.

And one more card, definitely my favorite of everything Mark sent this time:
Chris Perry 2004 Topps Autographs auto
Well now, that's just a flat-out beautiful card!  Considering what Topps has become sometimes it's hard to remember that around ten years ago they came up with stuff that looked as good as this signature card.  The large autograph area is a nice touch, and the black border adds nicely to the look, but what really makes this card a winner is the excellent photo of Perry running to paydirt in his Wolverines home uniform.  It's not the top-rated helmet for nothing!  I most definitely owe Fuji a big thanks for a great looking card that becomes my 47th hit of the running back, and instantly one of my favorites.

Thanks again, Mr. Fuji, for some great Wolverines!  I'll work on responding in kind soon via an upcoming show and COMC package.


  1. Love the Larkin's, I'm going to have to look for some of those and I've seen a bunch of Chris Perry auto's but I don't think I've ever seen that one, it is definitely pretty slick.

    1. Yeah, I was definitely excited to get the Larkins, and I don't think I'd seen the Perry before either--if I'd had I think I would have been all over it!