Sunday, January 10, 2016

1-2-16 card show report: new year blues

As I said over on TMV this evening, I hit up the monthly show last Saturday, and while I didn't spend as much as I usually do I did find a few fun things for myself and others.  Here's the Wolverines stuff I nabbed:
Bernard Robinson 2004 SAGE Autographs Silver auto (#122/330)
This is a rare basketball card pickup that's not coming from a trade package since I don't usually buy them myself.  I couldn't say no to a buck for a Michigan uni autograph, though!  This is my fifth hit (all autos) of Robinson and second college uniform card in my basketball PC.

Next, this sextet of football guys came from the cheapie boxes:
Biakabutuka is a Sprint phone card.  Remember phone cards, fellow 90s kids?  Remember Pogs?!  Definitely a fun pickup of a great 90s player.  Griese's card is the hobby version of Pacific's crazy 2001 Invincible set.  The other four are additions to my football inserts collection.  From 2011 UD College Legends comes a card showing off AC helping Michigan beat UW to win the '81 Rose Bowl. Chad Henne looks sharp in his original pro uniform, though of course I like the college versions better!  Shoelace's card is an Extra Points Blue parallel of his 2013 Prestige RC (so called because "Extra Points" is done in hard-to-notice blue foil).  And LaMarr Woodley was a big-time playmaker indeed both in the pros and as shown with the Wolverines.

Last up on the day is my lone football hit:
Amani Toomer 2002 Score Franchise Fabrics jersey
I hadn't actually ever seen a card from this relic set before so I was surprised to find this Toomer for just a buck.  As is typical of Score products I like the design here, which focuses heavily on the red and blue of New York's uniforms.  Better yet, the back includes a photo of the jersey the swatch was taken from--worn "in an official NFL game"!  Imagine that, a game-worn jersey.  Boy the early 00s were a crazy time.  Anyway, this is my 17th Toomer hit, and maybe I'll be able to get him up to 20 and beyond this year.

That's it for this month but I'm sure I'll be back there in a few more weeks looking for more good stuff.  Until then, hopefully I'll finally get to posting most of my COMC loot from late last year!


  1. It is much easier to say Tim than Tshimanga.

    1. Oh no, you've discovered my secret! I have a hard enough time getting the vowels correct in "Biakabutuka" most of the time...