Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rookie Blue-out part 1: one-card wonders

Over the last couple months of 2015 I made a big push to acquire lots of cards for my Michigan Football RC PC, and between Sportlots and COMC I made a ton of progress.  Now I'm slowly but surely showing them off in various bunches.  Hit the link above to see the album or have a look at my checklist here.  (You can also use the links in the "Rookie Blue: Michigan Football rookies collection" section on the right sidebar)

Welcome to post #1 in this series.  How many there will be is totally up in the air as I don't plan to consistently post a specific number of cards each time.  I doubt I'll even always have a theme in mind as I do these, so anything goes!  Today's post does have a theme, though--each one of these players had exactly one rookie card, so I'm showing them off together while giving a quick bit of info about the guys that haven't made an appearance here yet (which is most of them).
Bobby Abrams 1992 Pacific RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  DB/LB
Drafted?:  Undrafted
Pro career:  1990-95
Team(s):  Giants, Browns, Cowboys, Vikings, Patriots
Notes:  Good OLB for excellent late-80s Michigan teams;  ugly Pacific logo and vertical text, but a solid photo!

Corwin Brown 1994 Collector's Choice RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  S
Drafted?:  1993 4th round, Patriots
Pro career:  1993-2000
Team(s):  Patriots, Jets, Lions
Notes:  More well-known as coach (generally DBs), especially Notre Dame and Patriots;  involved in police standoff in 2011

Stevie Brown 2013 Topps RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  DB
Drafted?:  2010 7th round, Raiders
Pro career:  2010-14
Team(s):  Raiders, Colts, Giants
Notes:  Played both LB and DB in college, improved each season; blew up for 8 INT in 2012;  had to wait until 2013 Topps for his RC (I guess that high INT count helped, eh?)
Chris Calloway 1990 Action Packed Rookie Update RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  WR
Drafted?:  1990 4th round, Steelers
Pro career:  1990-2000
Team(s):  Steelers, Giants, Falcons, Patriots
Notes:  Spent the bulk of his career (92-98) with the Giants and did fairly well with them;  who else misses Action Packed?!

Joe Cocozzo 1993 Pro Set RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  G
Drafted?:  1993 3rd round, Chargers
Pro career:  1993-97
Team(s):  Chargers
Notes:  Very good OL for some good early-90s Michigan teams;  played lots and started many games for '94 AFC champ Chargers;  I'm surprised I hadn't heard of him before I started this project;  Pro Set really changed a lot from year-to-year!

Dean Dingman 1991 Score RC
Michigan uniform?:  Yes! (airbrushed helmet)
Notes:  Very nice college photo of an OL blocking!
Charles Drake 2003 Upper Deck MVP RC
Michigan uniform?:  Yes!  100%
Position(s):  S
Drafted?:  2003 7th round, Giants
Pro career:  None
Team(s):  Giants
Notes:  Drake is one of several Wolverines in this set, which has full-on Wolverines unis with zero airbrushing!;  sadly, Drake passed away in 2012
Mike Evans 1992 Skybox Prime Time RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  DL
Drafted?:  1992 4th round, Chiefs
Pro career:  1992
Team(s):  Chargers
Notes:  Fleer/Skybox made some wonky sets in the 90s!;  had a pretty nice career as DL for Michigan in the early 90s
Jonathan Goodwin 2005 Topps Total RC (with Kevin Mawae and Jason Fabini)
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  C
Drafted?:  2002 5th round, Jets
Pro career:  2002-2014
Team(s):  Jets, Saints, 49ers
Notes:  2002 rookie had to wait until '05 for a RC--them's the breaks for OL;  was starting C for Super Bowl XLIV champ Saints in 2009-10
James Hall 2004 Topps Total RC (with Robert Porcher)
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  DE
Drafted?:  Undrafted
Pro career:  2000-2011
Team(s):  Lions, Rams
Notes:  63.0 career sacks, including 11.5 in 2004 and 10.5 in 2010;  won a national championship with the 1997 Wolverines;  had to wait until 2004 for his RC, shared with quality DL stalwart Robert Porcher (who was in his final season)
Mercury Hayes 1996 Collector's Choice RC
Michigan uniform?:  Yes! (airbrushed helmet and jersey)
Notes:  One of two '96 Collector's Choice cards in this post!
Tommy Hendricks 2000 Leaf Limited RC (#0323/1500)
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  DB, LB
Drafted?:  Undrafted
Pro career:  2000-04
Team(s):  Dolphins, Jaguars
Notes:  Was the starting FS for the '97 national champs;  funny that his only RC is a higher-end, numbered Leaf Limited card!;  father Thomas Jr. was RB for Wolverines in the mid-50s
Roy Manning 2005 Sweet Spot RC (#777/899)
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  LB
Drafted?:  Undrafted
Pro career:  2005-07
Team(s):  Packers, Texans, Bengals
Notes:  Another high-end, numbered one-and-done!;  Manning is known more around these parts as a coach--he coached Michigan's LBs and DBs in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and is now with WSU
Steve Morrison 1998 UD Choice RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  LB
Drafted?:  Undrafted
Pro career:  1995-98
Team(s):  Colts
Notes:  One of my favorite Collector's Choice/UD Choice designs;  had a pretty nice career coaching in high school and then college
Jon Runyan 1996 Collector's Choice RC
Michigan uniform?:  Yes! (airbrushed helmet)
Position(s):  OT
Drafted?:  1996 4th round, Oilers/Titans
Pro career:  1996-2009
Team(s):  Oilers/Titans, Eagles, Chargers
Notes:  I have one auto of his but haven't gone into detail about his career;  excellent tackle went on to enjoy a long NFL career;  former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (R, NJ);  he's our other '96 Collector's Choice card today, and he and Hayes join Tim Biakabutuka from that set
Andre Weathers 2000 Pacific RC
Michigan uniform?:  No
Position(s):  DB
Drafted?: 1999 6th round, Giants 
Pro career:  1999-2000
Team(s):  Giants
Notes:  One of the nicer (read:  not eye-destroying) Pacific sets!;  his pick-six beat the Buckeyes during Michigan's '97 title run

I hope some of you, especially my fellow Michigan fans, found this look at one RC players interesting!  Look for lots more posts in this series soon.


  1. Mercury Hayes is one of the better names you will find. By the way congrats on beating Maryland. Always nice to see the Terps lose!

    1. I'm gonna start calling him "Mercury 'Mays' Hayes," I think. Thanks for the congrats, and your team has scored some nice wins too!