Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 COMC purchases: bowled over by a happy start to a Blue year!

I wasn't planning on posting anything else today, but then again I also wasn't planning on Michigan absolutely taking SEC opponent Florida to the woodshed in a 41-7 dismantling.  The Wolverines were partying like it was 2008, when they put up the same number of points against the Gators.  What a way to end the season--10 wins and lots of eyes (especially those of recruits) on a program that's quickly done a 180 from being on the brink.  Jim Harbaugh's influence on this team is unmistakable, from the list of players finally reaching their potential to those who clearly exceeded it, as evidenced by one Jake Rudock, the grad transfer QB who proved to be a prescient addition by his first-year coach.

So I'm thrilled and content, and now I'm gonna celebrate by throwing back to that favorite group of mine that sent Lloyd Carr out a winner in 2008.  Here's cards of the draftees that year that I picked up in my latest round of COMC purchases, mainly during the black Friday promotions:
Adrian Arrington 2008 Absolute Memorabilia auto RC (#19/99)
Arrington caught two TDs in the 2008 bowl game, including a lead-changing score with under five to go that gave Michigan the lead for good.  I have so many hits of him (all autographed!) that I usually assume I already have a given card when I see it.  Not so with this '08 Absolute sticker auto, though!
Adrian Arrington 2008 Donruss Threads auto RC (#047/299)
Same goes from this Threads auto, but since it had been a while since I'd had much luck finding anything possibly new to me of his on COMC, I'm not shocked a couple slipped through the cracks.
Adrian Arrington 2008 SP Rookie Threads 'N' patch auto RC (#21/28)
Here's the one I'm most excited about, though.  Everyone knows I adore the '08 SP Rookie Threads manupatch autos, and this is my third of the guy who has the longest nameplate to assemble, though I have just two from his last name, including this "T" that I've had for a while.  I'm sure it'll be a while before I find all nine cards, but it'll be a fun accomplishment when I do.

Arrington's 46 total hits tie him with Chris Perry for 6th in my football PC.
Shawn Crable 2008 SP Rookie Threads 'A' patch auto RC (#59/66)
Next up is a lone card of LB Shawn Crable, but it's a good one!  He joins Arrington in getting a second letter for his SP Rookie Threads nameplate today, and this one goes with the "B" I've had for a bit.  Just four more cards to go for him!  I now have 11 hits of Crable, who has the lowest total of any player with double-digit hits for now.
Mike Hart 2008 SAGE HIT Saturday Colors Autographs Gold auto (#98/100)
Hart tied up the game in the second and helped give Michigan its largest lead.  He was Michigan's leading rusher, though he uncharacteristically fumbled a couple times too.  Only one card of him today too, but it's an outstanding Michigan uni card from one of SAGE's best designs.  The tiny but powerful RB looks like he's about to find another lane so he can scoot to paydirt.  By the way, local boy Drake Johnson, who wears that same #20, did quite well for himself today, gaining 58 yards on six carries to lead the team with a 9.7 average--oh, and he scored a TD too!  The original #20 hits a milestone with this card, joining what's now a four-player club with 60 hits in my collection, tying Braylon Edwards and trailing the next two players by a long shot.
Chad Henne 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Oversize Jersey Number ball-jersey (#034/100)
And now on to the winning QB from the 2008 game (and MVP who tossed three TDs for the good guys).  This is one of seven cards I own from the '08 Absolute Memorabilia product, and one of five versions I have of Chad's RPM card.  There's some fun variations, and I'd suggest checking them out in my football hits album.
Chad Henne 2008 Absolute Memorabilia War Room Materials Autographs Prime patch auto (#03/25)
I'm a fan of autographed cards almost no matter what, but this one has the benefit of a really, really nice four-color patch with a bunch of stitching (some of which is attempting the flee the relic window!).  Definitely a winner and one of my best Henne patches.
Chad Henne 2008 Bowman Sterling jersey auto
I just did a quick search and found that I have 20(!) different cards from this product, though only one like Chad's jersey/auto card here, that of his LT and Dolphins teammate Jake Long.
Chad Henne 2008 SP Authentic patch auto RC (#431/499)
I'd argue with UD over the "patch" term here, but otherwise I'm a fan of the signature RAP cards.  I'm sure I'll track down others eventually but for now I can pair Henne's card with that of Mario Manningham.
Chad Henne  2014 Prestige Printing Plates Yellow (1/1)
It's funny to me that I have as many hits of Henne as I do and yet this is my first printing plate or 1/1 of his of any kind.  It's also my 45th such card from all collections, which is pretty cool!

Chad's still at the head of the class with an astonishing 88 hits, and one of my side projects this year may be to give him his own PC album since I enjoy collecting him so much.  Stay tuned!
Jake Long 2008 Donruss Threads 'N' and 'G' patch auto RC (#103/120 and #044/120)
It's not too hard to find cards of Long since he was the #1 overall pick that year.  While I'm still working on his 2008 SP Rookie Threads nameplate (looking for "L" and "N"), these two Donruss Threads manupatches give me 3/4 of the one from this product, and I just need an "O" card.  I don't see these come up too often for the guys I collect, but you never know!
Jake Long 2008 Upper Deck Premier quad jersey auto RC (#184/375)
These UD Premier card are fun to collect too.  I haven't tracked down the rarer versions of my guys, but I do have the basic "2008" card now for Long, Henne, and Manningham.  They're sharp and in some ways put Triple Threads to shame!

Long is a distant second to Henne in hits but sits at a respectable 74, right in between the leader and the third place tandem of Edwards and Hart.
Mario Manningham 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials AFC-NFC jersey-ball-jersey (#197/199)
Super Mario started the scoring in the '08 game with a 21-yard catch to cap off Michigan's game-opening drive.  He also gets in on the action today with an '08 Absolute RPM card in the form of this "NFC" variant.  I have six of his issues from that product, and this is my third of the RPM variety.  As cheap as they've gotten they're fun additions for any collector.  And a nice addition this one is, giving Mario a new total of 57 cards, placing him fifth as the final member of my five-player 50+ hit club.

I still have lots more to show off from COMC including more great hits, so watch for this soon.  Happy Blue Year, Michigan fans!


  1. I love how the Henne plate is like double numbered...that's really cool.