Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Panini Michigan complete set PLUS bonus blaster break!

As I mentioned in my card show post about a month ago, I picked up a complete set of 2015 Panini Michigan--a multisport set that highlights the school's athletic history, one of a number of colleges with such an honor--plus all three relic cards for the price of a blaster.  And as I promised I would, today I'll be showing off the set in its entirety (fronts and backs!) because it definitely merits the effort.

But first I'm going to do a quick rundown on the blaster I picked up today while I was at Meijer since I had some store credit to spend.
Here's what the blaster and pack look like.  Blasters, which are about $21.99, include 10 packs of eight cards with a guaranteed autograph or relic.

The base set is 50 cards, and I had no problem completing a set to go along with 24 unique dupes (oxymoron?), five inserts, and the promised hit.  Since I'm showing that off in a bit I won't bother putting any scans here.

Inserts include Silver (unnumbered), Gold (/25), and Black (/25) parallels as well as a set called Honors, which includes the same parallels.  Here are the five I pulled:
As you'll see when you compare the three Silvers to the base set below, the only difference is that the background of the image to the right of the yellow swoosh is all silver.  Yeah, not terribly exciting, but I'm not into this product because of the inserts.  The Honors cards, though, are very cool.  Larkin's card highlights the fact that he won the Big Ten Player of the Year award twice.  Here's the back of his card, blown up to make the extremely tiny font legible:
I was definitely excited to pick up a pair of PC guys in Larkin and Putnam here.

My promised hit was a Devin Funchess jersey, which I'd already purchased, so I'll just go ahead and give Jeff his spoiler alert that he'll be getting the set I landed today (part of the reason I grabbed the blaster) along with the Funchess jersey.

I've tinkered with the idea of chasing a master set of this product, so I'll be keeping the inserts, but if anyone has interest in some of the 24 dupes, please let me know.

Ok, finally, as promised, here's the complete 50-card base set.  I present these without comment since you can see the full fronts and backs (you may still need to zoom but I tried to make them readable) yourself, but it's worth noting how interesting the player selection is here--guys like Demens and Omameh are big surprises, and I would have left Frank Clark out.  In the future I'd love to see an expanded version that includes hockey and possibly other sports.  But overall I'm pretty happy with what Panini offers here, including the fun first nine cards which give a bit of info about the school, its sports, and traditions.



  1. How about Gerald Ford's hair! I also didn't realize that Tomjanovich was a UM guy. One of these years I would love to see a WVU version.

    1. WVU's definitely big enough to merit a set. And yep, Rudy T. was totally a Wolverine!

  2. I got through the first part of the post and I was already thinking, I wonder if I could find this online somewhere. That is a pretty slick set, I love it! I love how it's multiple sports and I really like the stadium cards as well. I won't even go into all the players. This is an awesome set, I can't wait to see it in my hands.

    1. Definitely a great set. I don't remember if I asked you--did you end up getting it?