Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/8/15 card show report: the Brady Bunch

As you probably saw over on TMV this evening, I had another nice time at the monthly show I usually attend.  Besides going Griffey-crazy I found some Wolverines to pick up as well.  And as luck would have it, I awoke from my third heart attack of this college football season (thanks for pulling through in OT, guys!) to post these:
Here's the lone hockey card I grabbed, from the same guy that sold me everything in the TMV post along with the cards in the next scan.  I pick up Turco stuff whenever I see it since he's still my all-time favorite Michigan goalie (with PC guy Shawn Hunwick #2).  This is actually a pretty solid mask card, too, so if I find another one you know I'll be sending it Doug's way!
With the exception of a couple trade bait items, this is everything else I got from the aforementioned seller, all for just $26 (he always cuts me nice deals).  Seven Brady inserts and a Funchess are nice, and better yet, the first four cards are all numbered (/699, /425, /2007, and /500, respectively).  And two of those are Refractors!

My final purchase can be seen in the form of these two scans:
In case you weren't aware, Panini put out a multi-sport Collegiate product devoted to a number of schools (available in blasters and hobby boxes), including Michigan.  For $20, or about the price of a blaster, I scored the full 50-card base set as well as all three jersey cards--my first relics for both Devins and my 83rd total Henne.  I plan on showing off the full set in a future post, but for now I'll just say that it includes a nice variety of players and sports from the school's history.  I hope to add the autographs and maybe some of the other cards as well, so watch for those here.

Until the next show, stay tuned for at least one trade post, lots and lots of Sportlots and COMC pickups, and more!


  1. I would have went crazy if they made a WVU set.

    Glad you were able to get some Brady's. He has to be one of the hardest people to collect.

    1. Hopefully they do go on to produce these for more teams, even just as a regional thing. It's not like it would be very difficult to come up with 50 cards for your school!