Saturday, November 14, 2015

2015 Michigan gameday #10: at Indiana

#14 Michigan, owner of a 7-2 record and some conference title (and maybe College Football Playoff?) hopes, heads southwest to Bloomington on this beautiful college football Saturday to battle Indiana, a team whose 4-5 (0-5 conference) record belies its truly chaotic ability to put any game into question.  This is a squad that lost to #1 OSU and #9 Iowa by a combined 15 points while going toe-to-toe with former #7 MSU until allowing 24 fourth-quarter points; they also lost to a bad Rutgers team 55-52, so there's that.  Michigan is favored by 13, but with a team like the Hoosiers there's no such thing as a sure bet!

Considering how one-sided this series has been--Michigan holds a 54-9 edge, hasn't lost since 1987, and hadn't lost before then since 1967--there's been some interesting games between the two, but perhaps no moreso than 1979's homecoming tilt in Ann Arbor, featuring these two guys,
QB John Wangler and WR Anthony Carter.  Take it away, legendary Wolverines broadcaster Bob Ufer:
Bo Schembechler is looking up at--he's looking up at Fielding H. Yost in football Valhalla, and Bo Schembechler says 'Thank you, Fielding Yost, thank you, Fielding Yost, for that one!'
Johnny Wangler to Anthony Carter will be heard until another 100 years of Meechigan football is played!
I hope you can hear me, because I've never been so happy in all my cotton-pickin' 59 years!  I have seen--I have broadcast 347 ballgames.  I've never had one like this!


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