Sunday, November 8, 2015

I had a good week

Hello Michigan faithful, Jeff here with some additions to my collections.

Looks like our Big Ten Championship hopes are still alive with the State loss last night. If that team from Ohio can beat State in a couple of weeks and we win out, including beating that team from Ohio, then it will be highly likely that we will be facing Iowa(?) for the Big Ten Championship. To be honest, just that we are even being included in this conversation this late in the year is already an improvement over the last few seasons, more than a few really. I expected us to be relevant again, I wasn't sure it was going to happen the first year of the Harbaugh era however.

Let's get to the real reason we are here, cards. I received these from Dennis.


Derrick Alexander and David Terrell


Todd Collins and Steve Breaston

Denard Robinson

The Denard is my first relic of his and I actually have a player collection of him so the non college uniform is just fine for that.

Those cards are awesome in their Maize and Blue glory (except the Robinson) but the next card was by far, the best in the package. You may remember a little over a month ago that Dennis went to a card signing with Mike Hart, who is my all-time favorite Wolverine. He got himself a photo op as well as had him autograph a SI with Hart on the cover. What he didn't tell you was that he also asked him to sign another card.

He signed it, to me, that is awesome. I promptly took a photo of the card and sent it to my mom and brother (who are also Michigan fans) just to make them jealous, it worked. Then at work the next day, I showed the photo of the card around to other Michigan fans. This is definitely the pride and joy of my collection.  Dennis is the man, my Michigan collection would hardly be nothing if it wasn't for him and I can't thank him enough.

A week or so after I got his package, I headed out to a local card show at the mall. I wasn't expecting much. The last time I went to a show here, it sucked. I barely even looked at anything, let alone bought anything but I figured I'd try it again. I'm glad I did. The first table I walked buy caught my eye because I saw a couple of Michigan cards. I found out the seller is actually a Michigan fan so he had a quite a few cards for me to look at. Here's what I walked away with.

Anthony Thomas relic - I couldn't pass this one up, A-Train in Michigan colors, yes please.

Kevin Koger auto - This card looked familiar to me but I was checking my have list and it didn't show so I set it aside anyways. Come to find out, Upper Deck just had them autograph the same card as his base which is why it looked familiar, I already had the base card.

LaMarr Woodley auto - I didn't have this Press Pass auto so I set it aside as well.

Mike Martin auto - Again, I looked at this and could have swore I had this card as well. I checked out my have lists and I already had the red auto which is the same, but with red ink.

Devin Funchess - My first card of Devin Funchess and it's a pretty slick one at that.

Mitch McGary auto - This was one of the first cards I set aside because I didn't have any cards of McGary, let alone any autographs so I really wanted this one.

Nik Stauskas - This is the Michigan card that caught my eye as I walked by, how could it not. I'm not a huge fan of the manufactured relics or whatever you want to call them but they are still some usually nice looking cards and I thought this one looked pretty awesome.

Needless to say, I had a pretty good week (about a month ago) when it came to my Michigan collection. Now to sit back and watch the football team continue to kick some ass and in a week, start to watch the basketball team try and do the same. It is a good time to be a Wolverine fan.

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