Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12/6/15 card show report: more winter Wolverines

Last Sunday I hit up my favorite monthly card show, and while my haul proved to be Griffey-heavy, as you may have seen on tonight's TMV post, I did pick up three Wolverines cards:
Chad Henne 2008 Donruss Elite College Ties Green (#134/800)
And a college uni insert right off the bat!  Donruss/Panini put out some fantastic sets in the mid-to-late 2000s, and of course 2008 is a favorite of mine due to that year's draft class.  Kudos to the manufacturer for an insert set that highlights each player's school.  I won't even knock off points for the "green" part of this card!
Marquise Walker  2002 Topps Pristine Refractor (#165) (#315/999)
The other pickup headed to my football inserts collection is this "uncirculated" Refractor of former WR Marquise Walker from 2002 Pristine.  There were three versions available, with this being the "common" ("uncommon" and "rare" follow, naturally).  I believe these were on per Pristine box, but I'm not quite sure.  Of course due to the thickness of the case it doesn't scan very well, but this is a great looking Refractor of an excellent Wolverines receiver.
Tai Streets 1999 Score Rookie Preview Autographs auto
Just one hit today, and it was actually one of my more expensive pickups this time at $2, but I had no problem dropping that much for a Michigan uni auto of national champ WR Tai Streets.  Beckett says this was a 34-card set with most cards limited to 600 copies.  I really like how Score left an obvious area for the signature and that they blended the team color in at the bottom.  This autograph gives me four signatures and six hits overall for Streets in my football hits collection.

The next time I'm showing off card show purchases it'll be a new year!  Til then, stay tuned for a buttload of COMC pickups from the last few months.


  1. I don't think I own a 99 Score auto. I'm guessing no WVU guys on the checklist.

    1. I believe you're correct on that count.