Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rookie Blue--Michigan Football RCs: part 1 (1989-1995)

I've got lots of great COMC stuff to post soon, but before I do that I wanted to take care of a lingering project first:  showing off the Michigan Football rookies I've accumulated from complete sets, trades, and purchases.  I broke them down into eight manageable groups so that's how many posts you'll be seeing under this feature.

Each post will include a range of one or more years, and the cards from that range are sorted alphabetically by each player's last name and then by set (uh, mostly--sometimes I goofed on "official" set titles and sorted accordingly).  I'll list each player and card, plus anything done in this style indicates what I consider to be a Michigan uniform photo, regardless of airbrushing, etc.

Today's group spans 1989-1995, and that's seemingly a large range, but this is still pre-90s product explosion.  Here's 14 rookies of eight total players from that era:
  • Jarrod Bunch (1991):  Pro Line Portraits; Pro Set; Topps; Ultra
  • Todd Collins (1995):  Collector's Choice
  • John Elliott (1989):  Topps
  • Greg McMurtry (1990):  Pro Set; Score
  • Jamie Morris (1989):  Topps
A Bunch (pun definitely intended) of today's cards actually came courtesy of Loonie Store guy Doug in just his second trade package to me waaaaaay back in February of 2013!  All four RCs of bruising back Jarrod Bunch were in that group along with a couple cards in the next scan, and two of those feature a Michigan uni, including the moderately-altered Ultra.  15-year vet QB Todd Collins gets the same treatment.  14-year OT and Super Bowl XXV champ John "Jumbo" Elliott makes his blog debut with his lone RC from my complete 1989 Topps set, one that also features famed Wolverines RB Jamie Morris on one of his two first-years.  Wideout Greg McMurtry finishes up the scan with a pair including a beautiful college shot from 1990 Score, and I'm halfway to his four rookies.
  • Bubba Paris (1989):  Topps
  • Derrick Walker (1991):  Fleer; Pro Set
  • Tyrone Wheatley (1995):  Action Packed Monday Night Football; (Playoff) Absolute
Big OL Bubba Paris, a winner of three rings, makes his first appearance on this blog since Kerry sent me something of his back in this March trade.  Chargers TE Derrick Walker gets a double dip, and both of those came from Doug's early package linked above, leaving me short just his '91 UD card.  Finally, keeping the offensive position streak intact is Michigan legend and new Wolverines RB coach Tyrone Wheatley on a rounded, embossed Action Packed card and a shiny foil Absolute card with a great college action photo.

That's it for today but check back soon for more rookies from this series!


  1. I don't know if you get this on TV where you are but I just saw a show that reminded me of you. It's called "Big Ten Tresure Hunter", a show where a guy goes around buying collectibles. This week he went to a Wolverines collector who had, among other things a collection of helmets spanning from the early days through the present. He had one of the first plastic helmets they used. Pretty cool stuff.

    1. I took a look at that when you originally sent this and it looked pretty cool, so I'm gonna be checking it out more. Thanks for the heads up!