Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 trade package #2: the Buck starts here

And now, finally, the trade post I've been meaning to get to for over a week!  Douglas of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me a third trade package in the span of less than two months, and this one was the biggest yet!  It was stuffed with Michigan alumni from all four major sports, with an emphasis on hockey since he's from C-A-N-A-D...EH?  Read on to see what he sent:
Lots of baseball, including a couple newbies to the PC.  I pretty much have no Hal Morris in my Michigan PC besides the stuff of his in sets, so this will grow that collection nicely.  Ontiveros is a guy I never really associated with Michigan, but he certainly did play here, and got a BS in PE.  Like Morris, I had very few extra Sabos, and the more of "Spuds" the better, I say!  Finally, Zahn's a guy I didn't know at all, but he had a nice Major League career before helming the Wolverine baseball program from 1996-2001, which is awesome.

And here we have a nice assortment of basketball.  It's not really my sport, but I was happy to see some names I recognized, like "Sugar" Mills, Glen Rice and Rumeal Robinson.

And my favorite of the four sports here--football.  There's a nice number of familiar faces, even the ones from the early 90s.  I love the Jarrod Bunch Topps RC showing him playing for UM.  Brady, Brown, Carter, Harbaugh, Hoard, Kenn, McMurtry, Paris, and Walker are also guys I know to some degree, but Burns and Key especially were guys I didn't.  Burns was a QB during the 1947-50 glory years, and the Vikings HC position was his only NFL head job, but he fared decently well with a 55-46 record from 1986-91.  Key was a DB who played in the late 80s and was drafted by the Pats but only played one NFL season.  Definitely a nice, eclectic bunch here.

And the last of the piles--the biggest as I mentioned--is hockey.  Douglas went out of his way to identify Michigan alumni, which was extremely generous of him in terms of cards AND time spent!  Again, lots of guys I recognize here, but there's a few new names to me as well:  Brad Jones, Pat Neaton, Jeff Norton, Myles O'Connor, and Dave Shand.  Those guys will be nice adds to this PC, and I'm even happier to finally grow my hockey base/insert PC a bit with the guys I DO know!

He also included a couple more nice hockey cards:
This Turco is a 2010-11 Certified Platinum Red parallel #d 939/999.  Definitely a nice shot of him in goal, and the small text on the left side indicates that he was picked up by the Blackhawks in August of 2010.  He would then go on to sign with the Bruins before retiring last year.  He's since returned to the Stars to do TV coverage, which is pretty cool.

Finally, he included one sweet hit:
Jack Johnson 2010-11 UD Artifacts Treasured Swatches jersey

Thanks again, Douglas, for a third outstanding trade package!  I'm happy to be able report that I sent you what I hope you'll consider a nice return, and I'm thinking you'll see it within a week or two.  Readers, please venture over to the home of BuckStoreCards and send your goalies, Blue Jays, Carlos Delgados and more his way!


  1. Glad you liked everything. I don't think it really sunk in as to how much I sent in terms of volume until I saw everything in this post.

    1. Thanks again! Definitely took me a ton of time to get everything scanned, so I'd hope it looks as substantial as it was.

  2. Lots of guys up there that I had no idea they went to Michigan. Who knew your posts would be educational as well.

    1. You and me both, buddy, and that makes trade packages like this awesome!