Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Blowout purchase #1: ALL THE WOLVERINES

Recently a guy on Blowout saw me posting about collecting Wolverines or saw my signature (which basically says I collect Wolverines) and contacted me saying he had a ton of stuff for me.  While he didn't want to list literally everything he had, he told me what he was offering in terms of a number of cards of each player.  Considering how many there were, even if it was just base/inserts, I figured he would ask way more than I was willing to pay, I would laugh at his wasted effort, and everyone would move on.  Then something strange happened:  he asked for $6 delivered.  I knew that was more than fair, so we agreed to that deal.

Because he was a bit sloppy with his shipping--these arrived in a stack inside a Ziploc bag inside a bubble mailer--they didn't exactly come to me in pristine condition, but considering what I was buying, I didn't really make any kind of fuss about it, and now he knows to be more careful for the people who WOULD rip his head off for it.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with what he sent me:
Six Barry Larkins.  I'm not really sure how many of these are new to me other than the Finest Refractor on the bottom-right.  The scan doesn't make it look like a Refractor at all, but I'll take care of it when I go to scan the newbies individually for my Larkin album.

And now comes the bulk of the package:--football:
Ronald Bellamy, Tim Biakabutuka, and seven different Tom Bradys.  I may scan my Brady PC one day because I have a ton of base/inserts of him as well.
Four more Bradys, including one that I now see is a double but didn't notice before.  That's fine--I'm sure a good number of these are doubles, but still useful.  Also, an Alan Branch, three Breastons, and an Anthony Carter.
Todd Collins, Tyler Ecker, and seven of Braylon Edwards.  The bottom-left card is a parallel #d 16/25, which is definitely nice.
Three more Braylons (I should also scan his collection one day), a John Elliot, a Brandon Graham, and four of Brian Griese, including a very nice Topps Gallery.
Two of Leon Hall, and seven of...ahem...animated 49ers Super Bowl coach Jim Harbaugh, including a card of him during his one-year tenure with the Ravens.  Plus there's one of him doing the whole "Hey kids, don't do drugs" or whatever.  The back of that card notes that at the time (1992), his brother John was an assistant coach at the U of Cincinnati, just 21 years before John won the Harbowl. 
Three MORE Harbaughs, a couple shiny Desmond Howards, a Marlin Jackson, a Cato June (I need more of those!), a BowChro Manningham, and Greg McMurtry.
One more McMurtry, a Robert Perryman (RB, 1987 3rd rount), Tai Streets, three A-Trains, Amani "It's not a" Toomer, and a pair of Tyrone Wheatleys.  
And to finish things off, five LaMarr Woodleys (including a shiny Threads RC in the upper-left #d 785/999 which is probably destined for my football RC album) and a pair of Woodsons from his earlier days with the Raiders.

Not bad for $6, no?  I'm especially happy with this pickup as I was making a concerted effort to decrease my spending this month after going over by quite a bit in January.  I still have plenty of great stuff to show off, though, including more COMC stuff from LAST year, a new eBay purchase, new COMC stuff (I hope you guys like J.J. Putz!) and some pending trade packages.


  1. Pretty Impressive lot for $6. Nice pick-ups

    1. Thanks, dude. WWJLD? (What would Jeff Laws do?) Definitely took a page out of your book getting a big lot of nice cards for cheap.