Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry TradePostMas!

Happy nine days until Christmas, everybody!  I mentioned in my other trade post on Too Many Verlanders this evening that I likely wouldn't be posting anything else over there until the start of the new year, but over here I may try to squeeze in a couple COMC haul posts before 2012 ends--we'll see how busy (and lazy) I get.  What I do owe you guys, as well as two excellent traders, is today's combined trade post:

First up, Screaming Line Drive author daddyohoho, who claimed the Philly Eagles and 76ers from my team trade piles, pulled some nice stuff in his Black Friday packs, and when I mentioned that I had to have one of his pulls, he sent it over posthaste, awesome trader that he is:
This is a sweet Black Friday pull of Charles Woodson, who you might remember from his legendary Michigan career and being a sure-fire NFL Hall-of-Famer.  "Not bad," you say, right?  Would it maybe interest you to find out that this card is serial-numbered 2/5?  Yes, FIVE.  That's simply my lowest-numbered Woodson in my football PC, and that makes it a fantastic card to add to my admittedly paltry Woodson PC.  If I can keep adding stuff like this, though, it'll be way more impressive.  Thanks again, Sean!  All of you who aren't already reading/following should check out Screaming Line Drive immediately.

Next up we have a repeat offender:  Douglas of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store had already sent me a very nice trade package in return for some random closet-cleaning piles stuff.  Jerseys from two of my favorite UM hockey players of all time--Brendan Morrison and Marty Turco--highlighted a great trade for me.  Well, Douglas emailed not long after that and mentioned that he had even MORE to send me:
Last time it was Brad Jones, and this time Myles O'Connor was the Michigan icer with whom I was previously unfamiliar.  Leave it to the Canadian to school me on hockey players I didn't know.  He also included a nice new Mike Cammalleri (who's a player I DO know well) and even a football offering of Mike Kenn, an OT who starred for Michigan in the 70s.  Oh, and he also mentioned he had this as well:
Jack Johnson 2010-11 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics jersey
As he astutely observed, this is my first relic (and hit of any kind, at least until I can step up my COMC haul posting) of Jack "JMFJ" Johnson.  Johnson was simply one of the most talented defensemen to roll through Ann Arbor, and I mean that in the way a tornado rolls through a Midwest town.  I was fortunate to be able tot witness his entire NCAA career, and let me tell you, he was something to behold.  Dude could score AND he could teach the opposing team's star players a thing or two about the conservation of momentum.

So clearly I pretty excited about this excellent purple LA Kings swatch which represents my 40th UM Hockey PC hit to-date.  Looks like it's my turn to hit Douglas back with something cool, and whenever I figure out what that might be, it'll be heading across the border.  Thanks again, Douglas!  Everyone should head on over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store now.

Like I said, I'll see if I can't get a few more COMC posts up, but if I don't, I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and lucrative holiday!


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