Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 Michigan gameday #3: vs. UNLV

1-1 Michigan, coming off a dominating win against Oregon State last week, gets another noon home contest, this time against UNLV, a.k.a. the Rebels against logical mascots.  A squad that already looked overmatched--a five-TD spread doesn't portend a close game--will have to work even harder if their starting QB remains hurt.  That's why they play the games and all, but this should be a second consecutive win at home for Jim Harbaugh before a very interesting matchup with the BYU Fightin' Dong-Punchers.

Don't assume I'm looking ahead, though--Michigan's played poorly enough against subpar competition in the last decade or so that I'm always on high alert.  But I'm hoping to see the Wolverines get a chance to get some things working in time for the upcoming conference season and find some PT for some of the backups too.  Pound the rock through their D-Line, find a downfield passing game, and don't let up!


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