Sunday, September 13, 2015

9/5/2015 card show report: multi-sport athlete

Since I already gave a brief overview of my experience at last Saturday's Taylor Town Trade Center show on this evening's TMV post, I'll get right to the cards you came to see here!
Barry Larkin 2013 Panini America's Pastime Gold (#11/25)
This beautiful and rare Larkin came out of the same box as the stuff you saw on TMV.  I'm used to paying much less for inserts in general so the idea of throwing down $4 for this one gave me pause until I considered 1) I was already getting good deals on a lot of the other stuff and 2) Barry's stuff sells very well so there's no guarantee I could have found this cheaper very easily.  I love the style of uniform grabbed in the photo, and you can't even tell it's missing a logo, which is a very nice touch.  Welcome to the collection, Larkin card #315!
2007 TK Legacy Michigan Game Day Rivalry (#GR1943)
Here's the only card I got for myself from the small $5 purchase, which comprised a bunch of base and inserts.  I grab TK Legacy Michigan stuff I don't have whenever I can, and this is the first of the Game Day Rivalry cards I've had to show off.  The set includes moments from Michigan's rivalries with OSU and Minnesota (for the Little Brown Jug).  Here's the text on the back that summarizes the game:
I hope to eventually grab more of these to add to my football inserts collection.
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Panini Rookie Anthology Rookie Treasures Level 2 Patch dual patch auto (#53/99)
And lastly, another card that set me back a measly $4 after all was said and done.  I believe most of you know that I PC Hunwick, and it didn't take me long to confirm that this was the other version of his Rookie Treasures card I needed.  A long time ago I grabbed the dual jersey version, #d to 699, and now I have the variation that's limited to 99 copies and includes two patches.  I ended up with an excellent three-color patch with double stitching on top and a solid two-color piece on the bottom.

I now own nine hits of the former walk-on goalie that nearly led Michigan to a title a few years ago, and I have 20 of his 71 issues to go with a pair of plates.  This collection has slowed down for me quite a bit as I search for reasonable prices, but when I've added anything of his recently, it's been pretty good like the card above.

Until next month, stay tuned for some eBay pickups, a slew of COMC cards, and other things that need to be scanned and posted!


  1. I've added a few cards from that America's Pastime set too. It was a good idea for a set, but they made a few big mistakes. First, the guaranteed booklet cards were odd combos of players and the majority of the jerseys were plain white swatches. Second, the price point was all out of whack. This made for a nice set to chase on eBay.

    1. Didn't realize that. It's a nice looking set, so it's too bad the boxes were such a pain. Singles are always the way to go anyway.