Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 trade package #8: college on cards from Cards on Cards

Fellow college team collector Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me a very nice bubble mailer a couple weeks ago stuffed with Tigers and baseball PC guys (featured in tonight's TMV post) plus a nice bunch of Wolverines as well.  Check these out:
If anyone would have some spare cards of former St. Louis catcher and current manager Mike Matheny it would be Kerry, a die-hard Cardinals collector.  He sent me a pair, including a '92 Classic/Best minor league issue, plus Mike's '94 Sportflix Rookie/Traded RC.  The Classic was new to me and is now the oldest card in my collection for him by a couple years.  For fun I decided to check in on Mike's old team, the Stockton Ports.  

Stockton is a city in the northern middle of Califonia, and it's known baseball for more than 150 years.  The club was most recently affiliated with Matheny's first team, the Brewers, from 1985-99, and since 2005 they've been the Class-A affiliate for Oakland, which makes much more sense geographically.  Mike Piazza, Ben Sheets, and Gary Sheffield all played there during their careers, so the team has a nice history.  Learning through baseball cards is cool!
Next up is a group of nine Wolverine football alumni from the 2010 Topps set.  I completed the set years ago but this was a fun opportunity to show off just how many good players in the league hail from Ann Arbor and the greatest program in the sport's history.  Better yet, this isn't even the entire bunch of Wolverines in the set!  I really should scan them all sometime.  Thanks for the idea, Kerry!
Finally, Kerry included a couple other cards (but not Cards), including Chad Henne's 2013 Contenders base card plus a second-year 1990 Pro Set card of former Michigan All-American OT Bubba Paris, who became a motivational speaker after retiring from the NFL.

And that's another fun two-part trade package in the books thanks to Kerry, who's always a blast to trade with.  As I mentioned in tonight's other post, I have a new package in the works for you as well, so watch for that soon!

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