Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 trade package #9: check out my Wolverines WRs from GSNHoF

Tim, who runs the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, is another trader who's willing to put in some effort to hit the PCs I show off on both blogs, and now that he's hit a good rhythm as a flipper on COMC he's even more effective at doing so!  He recently sent me another package filled with goodies I'm showing off over here as well as on TMV this evening, with the bulk being of the Wolverines variety this time:
Michael O'Neill 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Refractor auto (#028/150)
First up is a new addition to the PC representing the youngest active player in my baseball collections, Michael O'Neill.  I was excited when Tim let me know that he'd picked this up as I'm slowly but surely (mostly slowly, though) chipping away at this rainbow, and I now have the Refractor version to go along with the base and Gold (/50) I already had.  That puts me at 3/10 with another on the way shortly.  As for O'Neill's full collection I'm up to 17/83, good for more than 20%., and nine hits, all of which are autographs.

Braylon Edwards 2007 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Materials jersey (#47/50) and 2008 SP Rookie Threads Flashback Fabrics 50-60 dual jersey (#20/60)
I haven't had much Braylon stuff to show off recently but Tim fixed that in one fell swoop with this pair of Browns hits.  Both are actually variations on cards I already had, but as they're different they're more than welcome to join the collection.  The LCM card is a Mirror Blue parallel of that year's set, and I already had a Mirror Red, which also featured a different section of jersey.  As for the SP Rookie Threads card, not only is this version rarer than the one I already had, it also includes two brown jersey swatches instead of plain old white.

The pair bumps Braylon up to 58 total cards, jumping him past Mike Hart by one for third place in my football collection.

Mario Manningham 2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Threads Patch dual patch (#40/99) and  2008 SPx Rookie Materials Logo X Logo Triple 75 triple jersey (#34/75)
I specifically tried to call out the fact that WRs feature prominently in today's post via the title, and with that in mind, next up is blog namesake Mario Manningham.  Before I get into these cards a bit more, I'm going to point out that, while I love UD, the way they named and numbered lots of their hits in both these sets was absolutely bananas.  Different subsets, some of which are very similar, have varying names but sometimes identical serial-numbering.  I think I got all of my existing cards straightened out along with these two.

The SP Rookie Threads card appears to be my very first patch hit for Manningham, and it looks fantastic as it includes two very patchy swatches, both including stitching, and one that's two colors.  Things got a bit more confusing with the SPx card, but I believe I identified it correctly, and I really like the trio of Giants blue swatches.  With the pair, by the way, Mario joins Braylon (as well as the Henne/Long/Hart trio) in the 50-hit club with a new total of 51.  Thanks for hitting that milestone for me, Tim!

Amani Toomer 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitches Jersey Silver jersey (#059/244) and 2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Jerseys Numbers patch (#11/50)
Finally, there was no confusion when it came to today's final WR, Amani Toomer.  The first hit is a nice Giants blue (again) jersey swatch from a 2004 Fleer product, and the design is very familiar to anyone who's ever collected Autographics or some of their relic offerings.  Because it's the Silver version it's number to a seemingly random 244.

The real highlight of the package, however, is the other patch card (also of a Giants WR!).  Here we have a large swatch from 2005 Gridiron Gear that includes a piece of Toomer's jersey number.  This easily becomes one of the nicest Toomer cards in my collection by far!  The two of these give Amani a new total of 16 hits--not bad at all.

Tim, thanks again for an outstanding bunch of cards!  With another show coming up in a couple weeks I'll see about doing some shopping for you so I can hit you back.


  1. That was a nice group of cards. I'm still amazed of how many NFL quality receivers the Wolverines produced in the early to mid 2000's.

    1. Your guys may just start a nice run of your own soon. It'll be interesting to see what White does depending on who takes him tomorrow.