Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Justcommons purchase: Scores of Reds (and more)

I'm taking a quick break from trade posts to show off another semi-recent purchase.

While perusing the wares on Justcommons as I was putting together PCs for the guys in this post, I took a quick look for stuff of other guys I collect because that site's prices are often good when it comes to low-end stuff (as the name would imply).  Besides a nice pile of Larkins, which I'll show off in another post soon, I nabbed a few issues of three other guys:
Hal Morris 1990 Score Young Superstars II
Hal Morris 1994 Score Gold Rush
Hal Morris 1997 Bowman
Hal Morris 1997 Score
This group, which was heavy on the Score (not on purpose) spans the entirety of William Harold Morris' original eight-year run in Cincy.  I made sure to grab at least three cards this time to finally put his PC over the century mark at 101, and he's the fifth of my player collections to hit that milestone!

J.J. Putz 2014 Topps and Topps Gold (#0135/2014)
This pair of Putz pieces from 2014's Topps flagship set add a bit more to J.J.'s rainbow in what became his farewell season.  Among the 186 of his 326 cards I now own are seven out of the 18 that comprise his flagship/Mini rainbow.

Chris Sabo 1989 Score Young Superstars I
Chris Sabo 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition
Chris Sabo 1994 Topps Traded
SPUDS!  I went back to the Score Young Superstars well with Sabo and paired that with a couple update-type set entries since I'm a sucker for those.  The '91 UD Final Edition card is cool because it shows Chris participating in the 1991 Home Run Derby in Toronto.  The contest was easily won by Cal Ripken Jr. and 12 bombs, just three fewer than the rest of the field.  Fellow NLer Howard Johnson joined Sabo in failing to hit one out while teammate Paul O'Neill somehow led his group with five.  Spuds hit his own milestone marker today as he finishes the day with exactly 50 cards!

I'll try to get the Larkins (and the rest of the new PC guys) posted soon along with the other recent trade packages I've yet to show off.

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