Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 trade package #7: these Larkins are mine, Nachos

Chris from Nachos Grande is such a cool Barry Larkin collector that he's nice enough to pass his doubles on to me to fill many of the gaps in my own, not nearly as large, collection.  This is something he did back in January when he sent me a couple '93 Topps inserts, and after I mentioned in passing that I didn't actually have the base versions he sent them in a whole new trade package this month...along with 12 other Larkins and a bunch of Tigers (you can see the latter on this evening's TMV post).

Someday maybe I'll get to the point where I have 14 Larkin dupes I can send to a fellow collector.  Hell, while I'm dreaming I may as well also look forward to the point where I can send Chris more than one Larkin he somehow doesn't have!  Anyway, here's what Mr. Reed so generally added to my collection this time:
From 1992 I now own cards from Fleer, Ultra, and Upper Deck FanFest.  That year's Ultra product was a marked improvement over the inaugural set the year before.  I had never seen the FanFest product to my knowledge before this one, so that's a fun addition.  The next two cards come from the aforementioned '93 Topps set, including the All-Star subset with Fryman.  The remaining three are from 1996 products.  I of course love the Collector's Choice subset highlighting Barry winning the '95 NL MVP and I credit UD for the blue background.  As was typical for the set's short run the '96 Pinnacle Denny's card looks great even if their food is inedible.  Finally, we end things with a typically solid if low-end Score set, and this subset is one of Barry's three cards in the set.

These eight newbies continue to add to Larkin's lead over the rest of my PCs as he moves up to a total of 259 cards!

That's not nearly everything Chris set, though.  Though the rest of these aren't new to me they'll likely be appreciated by someone like Jeff:
In order, first we have four 1992 cards from Donruss, Pinnacle, Score, and Stadium Club.  The others are from 1996--the Collector's Choice card from earlier and Barry's Bronze issue from that year's Finest set.

Chris, thanks once again for being such a generous trader and helping me build a Larkin collection, even if it'll never rival yours!


  1. Glad you liked 'em! You inspired me to write a couple more entries for my own Barry Larkin Collection - they are now scheduled to go live on 3/16 and 3/18 at 6:00 PM EST. I'm slowly working my way through my own collection and getting everything scanned and written about on my blog - I have about 100 or so scans that I need to write about and then another big batch of Larkins that I haven't fully sorted/scanned yet!

    1. You've posted a nice number since you left this comment, so keep 'em coming!