Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Additions - Wolverines Collection

If you follow me at My Sports Obsession, then you know for the last month I've been posting my Ebay pickups and some trade stuff but only some of that matters. Since some of my player collections are former Wolverines, I'll repost those photos over here along with some awesome stuff that Dennis (you may know him) sent me.

Since I haven't posted here since the end of December, this will be a photo heavy post, but I'll make the reposted cards from my blog smaller as to not give your computer lag time. Here's the collections, in no particular order.

Barry Larkin Collection

larkin01 larkin02 larkin03 larkin04 larkin05

larkin06 larkin07   




Jim Abbott Collection




Chris Getz Collection




Vintage Collection


Taylor Lewan Collection


Mitch McGary Collection

There you have it, all of those were new additions to my player collections and a couple from the vintage collection. Let's get to the really good stuff, the cards with Michigan uniforms or in my world, the Michigan Collection. Although, technically, the first 2 cards are also player collections, but since they are in their Michigan uniforms, they get the big picture treatment.

I got this Glenn Robinson III card from my cousin. We went card shopping awhile back when he was up here visiting and while I didn't find any cards. He bought me a few things, because I didn't have cash on me and they didn't take debit/credit. I owed him $5 afterwards and I was going through his cards and found this beauty. He brought it up for me but had forgotten that he had. He asked me to make an offer. I told him I already owe him $5 and all I had in cash at home was a $10 so would you take $5. I may have overpayed, I may have not, I don't really know. What I do know is that this is my first card of the Glenn Robinson III Collection. Not a bad way to start I must say.

Everything below this point was all sent to me by Dennis.

Dennis sent me this card of probably my all-time favorite Wolverine running back. This Mike Hart autograph is my 14th autograph of Hart but only 4 of those are in his Wolverine uniform. Since he's a player collection, I have a bunch in his Colts uniform as well.

He also nailed me with this bunch of Wolverines.

These 2 players I definitely know. Shawn Crable I got to watch in the Maize and Blue and while I wasn't much of a football fan when Ty Law was at Michigan, I certainly know him from his distinguished NFL career. As always, and Dennis will agree, love the Topps Magic cards.

My only card of Ronald Bellamy and it's an autograph, and numbered at that as well. Not a huge fan of Sage (or Press Pass) as far as style goes, but they always use collegiate uniforms so that makes them great sets.

This is my 2nd card of Marquise Walker, the other being a relic card. This isn't to bad of a design, it's an on card auto and it's shiny. Shockingly enough, it's a Topps card.

This is my 3rd card of Bennie Joppru, and my first autograph. The other 2 are a relic and a parallel so 3 non base cards is always good.

This is my 2nd card of Gabe Watson, both of those are autographs.

This is my 11th card of Chad Henne, one autograph and this dual-relic are the highlights. I didn't realize I had that many cards of him. I guess it helps that he had a pretty decent college career and while he hasn't been an outstanding QB in the pros, he has had his moments.

I have 4 cards of Jason Avant and this is the 2nd autograph of his. Another Topps card so they must make more college cards than I thought.

This is my 2nd autograph of Jake Long out of 5 cards. I'm pretty sure both of those have come from Dennis. The former #1 draft pick has had a pretty good pro career but has suffered some major injuries the last few years, but he was a monster at Michigan.

As you can tell, Dennis, as always, sent me a pretty awesome package. He has, by far, been the most generous trader to the Wolverine Collection. He has probably supplied most of the 54 autographs in this collection (that doesn't include all the Mike Hart autographs) as well as most of the 8 jersey cards. Mainly because he's so generous, but also because I'm cheap.

Thanks again Dennis.

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