Saturday, June 27, 2015

2015 trade package #17: high-end Wolverines from the Great COMC Hall of Fame

COMC flipping guru Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame recently sent me another nice haul of Wolverines as part of our ongoing trade.  He's really scored some nice stuff for me in exchange for some eBay pickups and a few things from COMC as well, and this package, a nine-spot was no exception:
Glen Rice 2011-12 Limited Trophy Case Signatures auto (#30/49)
This spiffy Rice card is my third signature of him out of three hits, and Tim also managed to land me one of the others recently.  The artistic look of the black/white design combines well with Glen's excellent penmanship.  By the way, the trophy in question here is Glen winning the 1994-95 All-Star three-pointer contest over Reggie Miller.
Glenn Robinson III 2014 Panini National Convention Rookie Materials jersey
Next in the package is this cool jersey relic that was part of a Panini National Convention wrapper redemption program last year.  What's really cool is that it's very obvious what part of the combine jersey the swatch came from.  It'll go nicely with the GRIII autograph Doug sent me last December!
Jalen Rose 2004-05 SP Authentic Signatures auto
Jalen Rose 2004-05 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics jersey
Jalen Rose 2004-05 Sweet Shot Swatches jersey
Tim then went on a mini run on Jalen Rose with these three 2004-05 Upper Deck cards, all of which feature the current ESPN analyst as a member of the Raptors.  Up top is my first Jalen signature on a typically solid SP Authentic design, while the other two are jersey swatches in purple and...dark purple?  I can't tell, but both look great, and this trio bumps me up to four hits of Jalen in the basketball collection, which has grown quite a bit in the last few weeks!

Jake Long 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Oversize Jersey Number Prime dual patch football (#03/10)
Jake Long 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition Autographs Gold auto (#07/25)
And now we head off to the gridiron, and in a high-end kind of way--the combined numbering for this pair of Jake Longs is just 35!  First up is a beautiful double-patch/football relic from 2008 Absolute numbered to just 10.  Those patch pieces, especially the four-colored one on the right, are so sick I can only assume their parents declined to immunize them because Jenny McCarthy said they'd catch autism.  I now have seven of Jake's cards from that product in my football collection and none of them can touch the prime-ness of this one!

Also, for you Michigan uniform lovers like Jeff and me, take a gander at that UD Draft Edition auto of old #77 in the maize and blue.  I was worried Tim had sent me a dupe (I have this version already) but then noticed the numbering between the signature area and Michigan logo which makes it the Gold version numbered to just 25!  The former #1 overall pick may not have a team for next season just yet, but until he does I'm still happy to acquire stuff like this that brings back great memories of his days at the Big House.

By the way, these represent a bit of a milestone as Jake is just the second member of my football PC to hit the 70-card mark, right on the nose in this case.  He's still seven short of leader Chad Henne (who has more stuff from COMC incoming!) but has a large 11-card lead over third place holder Braylon Edwards.

Mario Manningham 2008 SPx Rookie Materials NFL Letters Dual Patch 50 dual patch (#22/50)
Mario Manningham 2008 SPx Winning Materials Football Shape 39 jersey (#09/39)
Two Manninghams does not equal too many Manninghams, so keep sending them my way, guys, like Tim did here with a pair of 2008 SPx cards.  Keeping up the high-end theme, first up is a dual patch card, the "NFL" version numbered to 50, which includes some nice stitching on the "L."  That's followed up by a single relic "Football Shape" version numbered to just 39, and that includes a beautiful blue swatch of a Giants jersey.  As I've said before, UD made a bunch of different versions of these Rookie Materials and Winning Materials cards with various names, shapes, and numbering, so it sometimes takes a bit to sort them out--I now have five of Manningham alone and I'm still working on getting them all named correctly to alleviate future issues.  Speaking of numbers, I now own 54 hits of the fifth in a group of five football collection subjects over the 50-card mark.

Thanks again for another top-notch package, Tim, and I look forward to sending your spoils out next week after seeing if I can bolster some recent pickups with one more shot at a show!


  1. Had to get you some Jalens...he was a personal favorite as a kid (no idea why) and so you definitely needed more.

    1. Maybe you were a Fab 5 fan too! Thanks again, just some beautiful stuff here, especially the Longs!