Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7/3/15 card show report: interesting inserts

Some days you get the bear wolverine, and sometimes the wolverine gets you.  That was the story of the show I hit up last Friday on a perfectly-timed paid day off of work.  I headed a half hour east to Taylor for the monthly card show and mostly threw my money at trade bait, though I did find a few things to show off on TMV, as usual.  I had less luck tracking down Michigan stuff, but I'm happy to say that I didn't go home completely empty-handed on that front thanks to these three inserts:
Taylor Lewan 2014 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor (#286/399)
Since Topps was involved it's no surprise to me that I've seen this photo of Lewan in a ton of their 2014 products.  My favorite version so far is this Pink Chrome Refractor, because if scissors beats paper, paper beats rock, and rock beats scissors, Refractor beats all three.  I also think the inclusion of pink parallels the last few years is pretty cool, even though I doubt it does much to raise awareness for breast cancer.  If it gets more people interested in collecting that's positive enough for me.
Mario Manningham-Chad Henne 2008 Press Pass Reflectors Blue
Today's requisite Michigan uniform card is this parallel of a 2008 Press Pass card pairing up the outstanding pass-catch combo of QB Chad Henne and WR Mario Manningham.  Super Mario caught 27 TDs over his three seasons in Ann Arbor, and by my count all but four of them (Ryan Mallett) came from Henne.  That this is a blue parallel is a nice bonus!
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Chrome Rookie Die Cuts
It's die-cut Denard!  I'm not really clear if there's a shape Topps had in mind here, but I don't care all that much since this has a Refractor-like look to it and it's a Denard insert.

Stay tuned for at least one new trade package and some COMC loot soon*!

*Your mileage may vary, especially with the weather being so nice.


  1. I like the Chrome Die Cuts too, but they always seem to have a blemish of some sorts.

    1. Yeah, well Topps made them, so what do you expect? I can ignore that thanks to the Refractor factor, though.