Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 trade package #16: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store and the tale of Clear Carl and Mini Max

It's been too long since I showed off some loot from a Sports Cards From the Dollar Store trade package, but that's 100% on me since Doug sent this envelope my way a few weeks ago and I've been lazy about posting for the last couple months.  I suppose putting something up every 10 days or so will create that kind of backlog!

Anyway, here's the goods from the land of the loonie and twonie:
Darius Morris 2012-13 Panini Rookie Signatures auto
Nice autograph or foreshadowing of a future package?  According to Doug, his most recent COMC package means that "If you've ever considered wallpapering a room with Darius Morris autos, you might have the chance."
In the meantime I'll be happy with this very nice looking stickergraph from 2012-13 Panini.  It's a simple card that does nice things with the Lakers' colors, and Morris chips in with a solid signature.  This is just the second Morris I have to show off in my basketball PC.

Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Chrome 1986
Just one football card in this package as well, but it's a Shoelace!  This 1986 Topps-style insert is my third of Denard from the product as I already have the '59 and '65 versions.  Maybe I'll track down the '69 card to complete the quartet.  This is another fine addition to my football inserts collection.

And once again the hockey portion dwarfs the rest, which is totally cool by me considering everything Doug digs up.  Cammalleri and Cogliano should be pretty well known around here, and their cards hail from 2014-15 Upper Deck, which is a very nice looking set indeed.  Ebbett, who's also been seen around these parts before, appears in the form of a 2009-10 Panini sticker.  

Hughes, however, is a total n00b to the blog and my collection.  The back of this 1982-83 OPC base card mentions that he played hockey at Michigan, which makes it much easier to realize he should be a part of my collection.  The winger played three seasons in Ann Arbor, 1973-76, during Michigan's WCHA days, and put up some pretty good numbers.  That got him drafted in '75's third round by Montreal, with a pair of teammates picked in later rounds.  In parts of 11 seasons he played for six total teams and was on three Cup-winners.  Quite a career, so I'm happy to add him to the collection and look for more of his stuff!
Carl Hagelin 2014-15 Upper Deck Ice Glacial Graphs auto
Moving on to the other hit in this package, is this not one of the nicer autograph designs you've ever seen?  UD's produced some variations on the Glacial Graphs set over the years and they're hands down some of the best looking autographs you'll find.  The area that looks white-ish in the middle third of the card is mostly clear, with the exception of the player photo (including dasher, which shows up better in the scan) and a background like snow under the autograph.  This is so see-through that you can make out quite a bit of the writing on the back.  Carl's signature is icing (pun intended, eh?) on this cake, and this is easily my new favorite of four Hagelin hits in my hockey PC.

That's it for the card content of the package, but Doug surprised me with a very, very cool oddball item--check this out:
From a company called Oyo Sports comes this awesome mini figure of Max Pacioretty!  This scan probably isn't too far off from actual size, and the see-through window gives a bit of a glimpse at what's inside, which I'll get to in a second.
Here's the back of the package, which gives you an idea of all the little accessories that come with each mini figure.
Here's what you see once you remove the shrink wrap and slide the cover off.  The figure sits in a plastic tray with compartments holding the accessories.  Yes I opened it--this was too cool to let languish in its packaging somewhere in a closet!
Again, somewhat close to life-size, here's mini Max with his helmet and skates attached and stick/puck in his hands, all connected to the provided stand.  100% awesome and a great find, Doug!

Thanks again for another fun package, my friend!  I look forward to seeing what you think of the latest stuff I sent your way as I work on the next one.  Until then, keep spending those bucks at the Dollar Store!


  1. The Hagelin is really nice. Doug is the man!

    1. Thanks! One of the coolest clear cards I own now for sure. I don't know where he finds this stuff but I'm glad to get it. The three of us need to hit up a show sometime!