Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 eBay purchase: the Mechanical Michigan Milestone Man

I showed off a beautiful pair of Tigers cards I picked up on eBay over on TMV tonight, but just in case you didn't see that post (or even if you did!), here's the highlight that's appropriate for putting on display over here:
Charlie Gehringer 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Inside the Numbers Cuts auto (#52/60)
This is my first non-manufactured hit of the HOF Tiger, and I'd be hard pressed to do better!  I'd wanted a cut auto of Gehringer for the longest time, but the ones that had appealing designs were almost always too expensive.  Not so this time as the seller's BIN of $40 was plenty reasonable for me, and I think you can see why:  Charlie's "Chas. Gehringer" signature is as beautiful as always, the cut window fits the whole thing comfortably ("...he said, as Topps studiously ignored him while designing another overpriced crap product"), and the old-fashioned look with the MM's photo ties everything up nicely.  This is a card I'm gonna cherish for a long, long time, and then some!

So, I deployed the "milestones" tag, why come?  Well friend, there's two reasons.  First of all, ol' Charlie here represents the 1500th total hit in my Michigan Sports collections.  Considering where I was just a few years ago when I started this blog, much less way back when I created TMV, this just blows my mind!  Don't forget to check out those collections with the links to your right towards the top.

The other milestone of the day concerns posting totals; yep, after three years and almost three more months, we at TMM have finally hit our 500th post!  That I took so long to get here is a testament to my laziness and ability to be distracted easily, so I'd like to thank the other blogs, TV, shiny objects, and loud noises, without which I wouldn't be writing this today.  Or, well, that doesn't make a ton of sense since without those things I would be writing this today, I'd just have way more posts under my belt.

As usual when reaching a milestone like this I'd also like to credit Jeff of My Sports Obsession who's contributed his fair share of content, especially his excellent Michigan tumblr photo features.  Thanks again for chipping in content sometimes, Jeff--that makes you just as much of a laziness enabler as the things listed above.

And thank you to the few of you that follow this blog that has a more specific and audience-limiting focus that my other one.  GO BLUE!

I'll be back soon with some fantastic trade package hauls, some loot from COMC, and the remaining new PCs I need to show off.


  1. Congrats! My laziness has effected all my blogs lately so I'm equal opportunity lazy.

    1. Thanks, Jeff! I think I need a t-shirt that says "I'm equal opportunity lazy."