Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 COMC purchases: a few for February

As I think I've said in a couple recent posts, I happily have lots of stuff to post, but today's a lazy Sunday for me and I don't feel like putting in the effort most of it deserves, so instead here's eight cards from my most recent COMC purchase earlier this month:
Drew Henson 2002 Hot Prospects bat (#0255/1000)
Henson is not one of my supercollections but I still like to pick up his stuff from time to time.  In this case I found a small semi-circle bat relic in the form of this base card from 2002 Fleer's Hot Prospects set.  I either got it for $1 or less than that so it was an easy decision to land my 14th hit of the former dual-sport star.  I now own 33 cards of Henson.
Barry Larkin 1995 Summit Samples
This package mostly focused on my brand new PCs (which you'll see very soon in upcoming posts), but I grabbed a few other guys too.  After I'd spent about 99.9% of my credit, I still had something like $0.45 left, so I looked to see what I could get of Larkin, and one of two or three choices was this cool sample card for Score's 1995 Summit set.  Summit was a slightly higher-end product Score put out in 1995 and 1996, and it featured cards that were thicker than average along with some gold foil.  Why not go a little oddball with my largest Michigan Baseball player collection?  This is card #247 for Larkin's collection.
Mike Matheny 2003 Topps Gold (#0369/2003)
Sticking with the NL Central I found this lovely 2003 Topps Gold parallel of Cards manager Mike Matheny for a very reasonable price.  I enjoy picking up his parallels and other inserts, of which he fortunately does have a few, but the ones I lack tend to be on the pricey side for some reason.  Not so for this issue, which features one of Topps' absolute best gold designs.  The gold isn't a solid, single-color hue but instead a pattern that brings to mind a pile of fine gold.  They were also still using the "real" and bold gold foil stamps for numbering back then, a practice I really wish Topps would return to.  Matheny's 53rd PC card glitters very nicely in-person.

Last up is a quintet of Shawn Hunwick needs, which I especially appreciate since I am supercollecting the mighty-mite goalie.  I found a seller who had a nice pile of Hunwicks and managed to get myself a pretty good discount.
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Red
First up is this Red parallel of Shawn's 2012-13 OPC RC.  Those are currently the only two versions I own of Hunwick's six in the set, though at least only one is numbered, and even that's to a reasonable 100.  As often happens when I post more than one of his cards, get used to seeing this image a couple more times!
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Panini Rookie Anthology Elite Rookies Aspirations (#088/100) and Status (#025/100)
And you didn't even have to wait very long to see that photo again.  These cards are two of Shawn's parallels from the Elite Portion of Rookie Anthology, and anyone who's ever seen Elite sets before is already familiar with their names, Aspirations and Status.  The confusing part is that they're both numbered to 100, and the way it works is that the Status cards are the first 31 numbered while the Aspirations are the remaining 69; I thought we left this lunacy behind in the 90s when it was more commonplace but I guess not!  Anyway, you can see clear differences in how they're die-cut, and here's the base card for comparison.  Together those three form the whole of Shawn's Elite Run in Panini RA.
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Panini Rookie Anthology Prizm RC and Prizm Red (#50/50)
These final two cards also hail from Anthology.  The former is my 7th RC of the netminder, and a nice one at that!  Also I like that it features a different photo from the three above, that's definitely a plus.  We get a nice close-up of Shawn in his Michigan pads on Prizm's lovely chrome design.  Better yet, the latter features a beautiful red Refractor-like finish that's most definitely redder than the scan would indicate.  That version is numbered to 50, and I'm now halfway to his Prizm run with four cards, adding to the Father's Day Pulsar and autograph that I'd previously acquired.

I ended up deploying my favorite "milestones" tag as these new additions, along with a 1/1 I showed off a while back, put me up to 20 total cards of my second-favorite Michigan goalie.  I also stand at 19 of his 71 issues, good for a bit more than 25% of his run.

That's all for today, but I'll try to get back soon with the new additions I've been teasing.  Have a great Sunday, everybody!


  1. That /100 Hunwick really pops. Another nice round of Wolverines!

    1. Can't go wrong with shiny. Thanks!