Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 eBay purchase: more fun with Lund

About a month ago I showed off the first four cards I was able to purchase for my Don Lund PC and now I'm back with another I'm even more excited to post:
Don Lund 1953 Topps RC

Finishing off the trio of Don's vintage issues for me is the best of the bunch, his '53 Topps RC.  This beaut is the oldest card of any player in my Michigan Baseball PCs and I'm thrilled to have it, vintage wear and all.  I paid a fairly reasonable $13.50 for this copy which was in good enough shape as far as I was concerned.  I went extra large with the scan today so you could get a good idea of what it looks like, with the typical rounded corners and some creases, plus a few other flaws.  But the collector in me asks "Who cares?" because it's a fun part of history to own.  Just check out that beautiful artwork on a classic Topps design, plus the fierce Tiger logo!

Now that I've knocked this key card off Lund's list I can say I own five of his eight issues.  The remainders might be a bit tough--a Gold parallel of his '94 Topps Archive card (which I haven't found at a reasonable price) and two versions of an autograph from 2003 Heritage, one of which is numbered to 54, and both of which I've never seen for sale.  No problem, I'm up for the challenge.

So here's to another fun eBay pickup, to vintage, and to yet another Wolverine/Tiger double-dipper!

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