Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rich Hill rainbow: 2008 Bowman/Chrome

One of the perks of being a player collector is that you have extra motivation to complete smaller projects such as a rainbow of that player--I mean, you gotta find 'em all, right?  I've completed a few rainbows of the guys I collect and show off over here, and today I'm finally getting around to posting one of them.

Rich Hill, he of my favorite baseball PC, has 11 cards in the 2008 Bowman and Chrome sets:  one each of the base, then nine colored parallels between the two.  Besides that he's got 10 1/1s available as well in the form of four plates from each set, then a "true" 1/1 SuperFractor and base Red parallel.  As I've seen others do, I'm showing off the whole non-1/1 group plus a 1/1 since I have one, but I think it's up to every collector to decide for himself how he defines a "rainbow."

Here's all 12 cards I have:
  • Bowman base, Chrome base, Bowman Gold parallel
  • Chrome Refractor, Bowman Blue parallel (#129/500), Bowman Orange Parallel (#008/250)
  • Chrome X-Fractor (#139/250), Chrome Blue Refractor (#047/150), Chrome Gold Refractor (#27/50)
  • Chrome Orange Refractor (#12/25), Chrome Red Refractor (#1/5), Cyan Printing Plate (#1/1)
Definitely not a bad group.  In terms of the parallels I give the edge to the Red Refractor, not because it's so rare (plus my copy is #1/5), but because I think it ends up looking the best.  Ordinarily my money would be on the Blue Refractor, but Topps didn't use a dark enough blue in this version.  Finally, bonus points to the Orange Refractor for having a Christmas serial number, of which I'm sure Gavin would totally approve.  Please leave me a comment telling me which is your favorite.

Don't forget that you can view my other completed nameplates, rainbows, and others at this link anytime (or just hit the button at the top of the page!).


  1. I always liked the gold refractors. The rainbow is looking great. I keep telling myself I should pick one set and try and complete the rainbow. Maybe someone like Neil Walker who would have a decent amount of options without being crazy expensive.

    1. Thanks! Nothing wrong with the golds either, you're right. Hope to see you go for your own soon. Walker's definitely been in enough Topps products to have a few Rainbows of his own. Go for it!

  2. I like the blue one in the middle of row two. Just looks the best to me.

    1. Yeah, the regular Blue looks pretty good as well. At least they didn't use something weird like green or yellow like Topps has done lately!