Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 trade package #16: Jeff puts the 'W' in PWE

It had been since January that I'd last received cards from TMM co-author and fellow Michigan fan Jeff (of My Sports Obsession), but then a couple weeks ago a surprise PWE from the Laws man graced my mailbox.  I want to say it came around the weekend of the Minnesota game (which he attended), but regardless I was in enough of a malaise thanks to the state of the football team that I decided to post it at a better time.  That time ended up being today, a couple days after a win over Penn State that didn't look the prettiest but managed to do the job.

Here's what Jeff sent this time:
He and I both collect Abbott because of various factors--me because he's a Michigan guy that fits into my PC and Jeff for personal reasons (plus some time with the South Siders).  I have both already but don't complain about base doubles, especially when they're of cards I have only as part of complete sets, which I store separately from my PCs.  Thumbs up for the '95 Pinnacle and '99 Fleer Tradition cards, then!
Drew Henson 1999 SP Top Prospects
Did you know Drew Henson played both college football and minor league baseball while at Michigan?  I don't know if that little-known fact has ever been brought up before.  Kudos to UD for making a fun card of Drew literally juggling the two sports.  This is a tough one to scan as the nice gold foiliness doesn't really come off as nicely as it does in-person.  It's my 26th of the Michigan Man bought away by a Buckeye.
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Chrome and Strata Retail RCs
Lastly--and most excitingly--Jeff slipped in a pair of 2013 Topps brand Shoelace rookies.  I've taken various stabs at packs of both products but never did pick up either of these, so I'm glad Jeff was smart enough to get them from eBay (at least that's how I assume he acquired them) and generous enough to send them my way.  Add two more of Denard to my Michigan Football rookies PC, which now features six cards of the QB/RB/WR/whatever, including the above Retail version as well as the "hobby" issue of his 2013 Strata RCs.  Hooray for slightly different photos!

Thanks for thinking of me with a fun PWE, Jeff!  Rest assured I'm setting aside some stuff for you as usual.  Readers, please head over to My Sports Obsession, even if Jeff does like rooting for the smelly White Sox.


  1. 3 out of 5 ain't bad. I didn't bother checking your lists and just sent them. I believe I got them all from my cousin and they were dupes for myself. Rather than stuffing them in the dupes box I figured I'd send them off to you in hopes you at least needed a couple of them.

    1. Yeah, I certainly don't mind dupes since, like I said, a good chunk of my PC resides in complete sets. Plus there's no such thing as too many Abbotts (which may be the next blog I create). The Denards are great too!

  2. Always fun to see Jim Abbot cards.