Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 trade package #17: SCFtDS TPTP: Wolverines

That's a Sports Cards From the Dollar Store two-part trade package for those of you who couldn't read my mine.  Doug, my favorite Canadian blogger/trader sent another great package my way that I'm able to divide among both my blogs (catch the rest over at TMV).

So here's some hate week Wolverines as Michigan prepares for an ugly matchup with MSU:
Just one card from basketball this time, but it was a nice one of '89 champ Glen Rice out of Prizm, which has generally featured designs I can get behind (plus logos everywhere except baseball).
On the football front I landed an Avant (who's doing decently with Carolina), a pair of Bradys, a Breaston (he hasn't played since 2012), and finally Mel Owens, a LB drafted by the Rams #9 overall in '81.  Hooray for new cards of guys who are underrepresented in my PC!
The hockey bunch, as usual, is the largest, and includes many of the usual suspects, which is great because I like collecting them all.  Cammalleri's doing pretty with with the Devils this season.  Meanwhile, his young teammate Merrill has a couple assists while having started all five games.  And the Pacioretty trio, including the sweet Crown card, was definitely a highlight.

Surprisingly this package included zero hockey hits--maybe Doug went into a Walter White-like fugue state--but what he sent from basketball gets an "A" for quality:
Jamal Crawford 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-Ups jersey
First up is this "warm-ups" relic of Jamal Crawford, a player who's still kicking around the league 14 years after being drafted.  Technically this is my second hit of Jamal after I picked one up at a recent show, but I'm pretty sure Doug beat me to the punch by landing this before I got mine!  Either way it's a cool relic.  I'm labeling it as a "jersey" for simplicity's sake, because really how do you categorize a warm-up?
Tim Hardaway Jr. 2013-14 Panini Preferred Rookie Rotation Memorabilia dual jersey booklet (#142/249)
Booklet!  Doug sent me a scan of this but as usual that didn't do the card justice.  My first basketball booklet is a dual jersey of former UM hoops star Tim Hardaway Jr., a newcomer to the basketball PC.  It looks fantastic and now it's got me wanting to get more, not to mention some of THJ's recent teammates like Trey Burke.

Thanks for another fun two-parter, Doug!  I may very well have a return package on your way this week that's bursting at the seams with hits.  Readers, here's my usual reminder to head over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store regularly.


  1. The Hardaway card is really sweet! Doug always hooks me up with great college stuff too.

    1. Thanks! It's a blast trading with you two since you're both awesome about identifying college guys, which is why I'm happy to put lots of effort into picking out stuff for your PCs as well.