Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 eBay purchases: [unifying theme not found]

Nothing special here, just six new PC cards from two recent eBay purchases.  Let's get right down to it.  Everything you see today except the Murray below came from eBayer burbanksportscards.  Although their prices are often head-scratchers, once in a while I find a few things I need for a not unreasonable total, and hey, free shipping helps.  I spent around $10, which I think was also my total the last time I bought from them.
Red Berenson 1970-71 Topps and 1974-75 Topps
As a quick reminder, I officially started collecting Berenson after Doug hooked me up with 10 of his vintage OPC issues, a great beginning to be sure.  I added a few more via various other transactions, then decided to fill a couple gaps with these two 70s Topps versions via BINs on eBay.  These mean I now own all of Red's regular issue OPC and Topps cards (not including stickers/stamps/etc.) from '69-70 to '78-'79 (including a '69-'70 Topps I'll show off in another post soon).  Much of what's left is tougher vintage stuff--including his RC--plus tough-in-a-different-way modern stuff.  I'm just a couple cards shy of 50% at 26/55 after adding these.
Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Pinnacle Artist's Proof
It's hard for me to believe I have fewer than 10 cards to track down before I can call Scott's PC complete.  This '94 Pinnacle Artist's Proof--man those were TOUGH pulls back in the day!--gets me another step closer to that goal.  It's a great horizontal card with a perfect photo--Kam's follow through and an out-of-focus Mike Stanley--plus the much-desired stamp signifying that this card is rare. You guys.  "Only" 1000 were made, but when you consider how overproduced this stuff used to be, it's easier to realize just how difficult these were to pull.  The rarity is my 83rd out of his 90 issues, with a few toughies left to locate.
Heath Murray 1997 Bowman Certified Blue Ink auto
My non-burbank pickup was this solid on-card autograph of pitcher Heath Murray, which I scored for just $3 (free shipping!).  Bowman made three versions of these signatures in '97, with the others being black and gold ink variations.  Personally, I'd argue that I got the best looking one up-front:  blue.  What's funny is that the photo on the card looks very similar to the one used the previous year, with a few small differences:  no glove on his right hand, looking directly at the camera.  The chain link fence in the background is a similarity, though, so it was probably a photo from the same shoot.  My sixth hit of Murray (five autos and a jersey) is my 23rd of his 30 issues I'm chasing.
Ted Sizemore 1972 and 1974 O-Pee-Chee
Last up is a pair of early 70s OPC cards of former Dodger/Cardinal/and more Ted Sizemore.  Some of those earlier OPC sets aren't as cheap as you might think, which I would have to assume is due to relative scarcity, though if you wanna talk expensive and relatively scarce, a good example is Ted's '71 OPC base, which I haven't seen reliably for under $50 in a while.  That's a shame because it's the last of Ted's cards that I need--yep, I own 22 of his 23-card run!  That joins Leon Roberts' (and Gary Carter's) 1975 OPC as tough-to-find-cheap last-cards-in-the-PC, so if any of you finds a nice deal on reasonable condition copies of either for under $20, please let me know!

I have at least one more card heading to me via eBay, plus some stuff from COMC, but my next post should feature a few Michigan PC guys I grabbed from Sportlots.

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