Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 trade package #10: George Walks the Plank

I've traded with newer Pirate/WVU blogger Matt of Bob Walk the Plank a few times over on the other blog, but the most recent package he sent me includes my first Wolverine card to show off over here.

Last week Matt showed off one of his signature box breaks, this time 2009 Topps 206.  I quickly noticed that one of his inserts fit right into one of my PCs:
George Sisler 2009 Topps 206 Silk Mini Piedmont Framed (#15/50)
Hey, it's one of those guys I just talked about yesterday!  I actually already have a base and mini of Sisler from this set, but what's cool is that the image on this Silk card is different.  However, the image appears to be the same one used on a different 2009 Topps set--this Legends of the Game Career Best card from '09 Flagship.

I complain about Topps plenty, but I don't think I've ever said a bad word towards any of the mini framed-type cards the manufacturer has put out over the last few years.  The Silk cards are especially cool, and I think they make much more sense in the standard size frame instead of loose.

This is my 34th Sisler and it happens to be one of my favorites for the reasons above.

Thanks, Matt, for another fantastic trade, and I'm planning on a response to it very soon.  Readers, please check out tonight's TMV post, which shows off the rest of the package, then get to reading and trading with the #1 Bucs/Mountaineers fan I know over at Bob Walk the Plank!


  1. Love trading with you Dennis. Glad you like the cards!

    1. Well let's see, I got a much-wanted card I asked for, and some great Tigers too. Don't think I could find anything to complain about! Thanks again.