Sunday, June 1, 2014

Charlie and George were among the Greatest Hitters

I realize I've gone without posting for nearly two weeks, but I've been busy putting together my spring cleaning contest for the other blog (which I hope to have ready by today), and more importantly, enjoying the fantastic spring/summer weather that's been long overdue!

While I have plenty to show off in the form of trades and pickups from Sportlots, COMC, eBay, and more, today I have a pair of cards I dug out while flipping through things to get rid of:
Charlie Gehringer and George Sisler 1982 TCMA Baseball's Greatest Hitters

TCMA cards, and this set in particular, may be familiar to many of you.  This version came out a year before I was born, but my parents must have bought them for my brother and I at some point, and I've had them for a long, long time.  It's chock full of legends, including these two, which are among my player collections.

Both Gehringer and Sisler are in the Hall of Fame, of course, and for each that was the case especially thanks to their hitting prowess.  Gehringer, the "Mechanical Man," finished with a career average of .320 and more than 2800 hits.  Sisler was even more renown for his skills with the bat, tallying a .340 career mark and owning the single-season hits mark of 257, broken many years later by Ichiro.

These cards mark my 17th Gehringer and 33rd of Sisler, and I think they were perfect for a lazy Sunday kind of post, which will hopefully get me back in the habit!

To see more of this classic set, hit up this link to the Trading Card Database.

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