Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #52: putting another Putnam project away!

While I do have one more SportLots pickup post to cover, today instead you'll be getting my latest eBay purchase.  Although it's only one card, it's a doozy for my PC!

You might recall that earlier this year I polished off Zach Putnam's 2008 Razor Letterman unnumbered nameplate.  That required finding the single-color "P" auto, which I had a hard time doing for the longest time.  It's kind of funny that now there's actually two more of them up on the Bay as of this post.

Meanwhile, I managed to get myself tantalizingly close to the version serial-numbered to 20, lacking only the "M."  One came up on eBay last year for far too much, though I still almost landed it in a Blowout deal, which fell apart after the member proved to be as untrustworthy as his reputation.  I never sent him anything, though oddly enough he did buy the card hoping to trade it to me, so I don't know what he did with it.

Flash forward to last week when the Putnam I needed most FINALLY turned up on eBay again (no idea if it was the same one!) in an auction that would end Thursday evening, with a starting bid of $10 and free shipping.  Though I would have happily spent more, I was fortunate enough to score the sixth and final manupatch/auto I needed for that reasonable opening bid.  Better yet, the seller was on his game, getting the card to me on Monday, just a few days later.

So here it is, the most recent card to get me all wound up:
Zach Putnam 2008 Razor Letterman Dual-Color M patch auto (#12/20)
As with the rest, there's plenty to love:  the goofy manupatch letters, the beautiful signature, and the obvious Michigan Baseball uni.  This is actually my 15th Putnam from the set:  two nameplates of six cards each, two 1/1 autos, and a plate.  In terms of Zach's collection, this is also his 31st hit (still second only in the baseball PC to Rich Hill, even if he's 60 cards behind at this point) and 40th card of 52 in his PC overall (plus the three 1/1s I just mentioned).  From here on out, I'll have to chase down one unnumbered card, two #d to 25, and NINE limited to just five copies.  EEP!  At least eight of those nine are autographs, which will make for a fun chase to the finish.

Here's a couple views of the nameplate all together:

As usual, this completed project will now live on my "Completed nameplates and rainbows" page where you can enjoy them anytime!

With that excitement celebrated, it's back to business next time with the remaining SportLots pickups.  Until then, I'm gonna finish what I have on my plate!

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