Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #16: "P" as in "Putnam", or "put a fork in it"

I'm very excited to show off today's eBay purchase arrival because of its significance to my collection:
Zach Putnam 2008 Donruss EEE Turn of the Century auto (#13/50)

JUST KIDDING!  Granted, I'm probably the only one that finds this funny since I was already well aware that I previously added a copy of this card to my collection a while ago.  No, this one came as part of a two-card lot of an auction I won because I was interested in the OTHER card.  Jeff, this one's all yours if you want it, buddy--I know you have that slightly more common version already.

So the real reason I'm excited is that the other card finally, FINALLY completes one of my many collecting projects, and it "only" ended up costing me a bit more than $12 shipped, meaning I couldn't click "Buy It Now" fast enough.  Here it is:
Zach Putnam 2008 Razor Letterman Unnumbered P patch auto

I'm not sure if any of you realize how long I've been looking for this single Putnam letter--I'm pretty sure this is actually the first one I've seen for sale anywhere, which is crazy to me since it's the most common version, and I even managed to pick up TWO 1/1 versions in the meantime!  In two cases of this product, I never pulled a single Putnam, and I'm still having a hell of a time finding the "M" #d /20 that I need.  But for now, all that's forgotten because this baby allows me to add a new member to my Completed Nameplates and Rainbows page!:

Bam.  I'm thrilled to finally own one of the four Putnam nameplate versions from the set.  As you can see on my have list, I'm missing one of the #d /20 cards (the aforementioned "M"), all six of the /5s, and four of the 1-1s.

In terms of his player collection, Zach's IHAS count is 35/52, plus three 1/1s.  This card also has a bit more significance as it puts my four-sport total at a minor milestone of 950, plus 190 baseball hits.  With more stuff incoming, including my latest COMC haul, will I hit 1000 and 200 soon?  Watch and find out!


  1. Hells yeah I want that. And that is a sweet completed nameplate. Those always look awesome when they get finished.

    1. Well, I WAS gonna throw it up on eBay so I could get $0.50 out of it and put that towards $5 shipping on something I'd buy, but I guess you can have it.

      Thanks for the kudos--being patient when it came to finishing that was horrible!

  2. congrats, looks amazing! I'm working on a nameplate myself and need just one more letter. it's a bit addicting. at least your nameplate is of a guy you collect haha.

    1. Thanks, dude! Yeah, it makes it a bit more worth it to complete a project like that when it's one of your favorites (AND it doesn't cost an arm and a leg because nobody collects him). Which one are you trying to finish?