Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 trade package #9: Kahuna my trade-a (what a wonderful phrase)

More than two months ago I completed a fantastic trade with Tim H., a.k.a. Big Kahuna, of eclectic blog Enough Already (still love that pic at the top of your blog, buddy).  Well, mostly completed.  See, whereas he included everything he should have, I neglected to pack up one of the original cards he requested from me--a baseball letter patch/auto.  A few weeks went by (I can't remember how long) and I finally got around to sending that his way, along with a few other goodies to make up for my forgetfulness.  Ordinarily that would be the end.  Then again, this is what we're dealing with here:
Proving that all blogging traders are 100% awesome forever and ever, amen, Tim made sure a huge bubble mailer made its way into my mailbox earlier this week.  Besides the cards you'll see below in a moment, he included a note saying he wasn't expecting anything back.  Unfortunately for him, that's not how we roll here at TMM, and I WILL return the favor...eventually.

So if you're reading this blog you know what he sent was Michigan-related.  But maybe you think this was a simple package filled with some random base cards.  Um, what the hell is wrong with you--did you even click the link to the original trade post above?  Tim sends Big Kahuna Burger-quality items, and as we all know, they DO make a tasty burger, so that's saying something.  Here's what was in the package:
Triple-H time!  Half of the package's 10 Michigan uniform cards hail from this group here.  The Press Pass Henne, to start with, looks great.  The SAGE HIT cards are base ones but still appreciated.  Next comes a trio of Mike Hart numbered cards:  the LCM is a rookie #d 1001/1500;  the 2008 Donruss Threads Gridiron Kings (probably my favorite in the package) is a Framed Blue parallel #33/50; and the Finest Moments is an X-Fractor with an even rarer existence--it's #09/25!  After that, of the Trio of Halls, my favorite is the Trilogy right down the middle, a clear RC that's #123/399.
Maybe Tim WAS eating a Kahuna burger when he packed these cards up because most of the package is GRIESE!  Fully one-third of the 24 included cards were of walk-on-to-winner QB Brian Griese.  This really is a great bunch, with the weakest link being the Collector's Edge card that creatively labels him as "JETS WR."  The rest are fantastic, including a pair of nice base cards (Stadium Club FTW!), a shiny Gold Crown Die-Cut, a UD MVP insert, a 2000 Donruss base, a ridiculously nice Elite Passing the Torch (#d 0408/1000) from the days where inserts looked awesome, and finally a Scorecard parallel from Score, #d 0952/1000.  The Passing the Torch insert is just barely my second-favorite of the group because it really is beautiful, especially in-person.  And speaking of sick Elite inserts, the Michigan uni Avant, #d 0326/1000, is an amazing addition to my Michigan insert PC, which I'll be trying to assemble and scan when I have time.
We close things out today with a very strong six-pack.  The first three include a pair of Michigan uni cards of Alan Branch, you know, as in
"Alan Branch kills QBs"?  I already had the BowChro RC, but I'm happy to have another.  Next up is a shiny Crown Royale insert of A-Train that I hadn't ever seen before.  He's followed by Lombardi Award winner LaMarr Woodley, who's STILL a beat.  Finally, there's a numbered 2009 Bowman parallel (#17/50!) of the criminally underemployed Charles Woodson, who deserves AT LEAST one more chance for a second ring (you hear me, Patriots?).

Tim, thanks again for the wonderful surprise of an out-of-the-blue trade package stuffed with high-quality Michigan football inserts!  I'll never get enough, but the rest of you should head over to Enough Already! right now.


  1. Well I figured you may not have had that Griese error card. That card seems to be a forgotten error that I always thought was funny. You know it makes me very happy to see that PSU QB laid out!

    1. I certainly didn't, and I still don't get the thought process there. And yeah, that's the signature image here at TMM! Thanks again, buddy.

  2. Lots of Maize and Blue goodness.

    1. Tim could do no wrong with this package of goodies!