Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 Blowout purchase #3: a Michigan BIPPing, part 2

Back in part 1 I showed you the first nine cards, featuring 12 different players, of this 27-card lot.  Today you'll see nine new cards of a more manageable nine total players--what a concept!

Ted Cachey 2004 TK Legacy auto
I wasn't able to dig up much on Cachey other than the fact that he played LG and was a 1954 team captain. The card states that he played for Michigan from '52-'54.  No big deal--he's new to the PC and his autograph (with jersey number inscription) looks fantastic, as does the photo of him in the old-school headgear!
Gil Chapman 2004 TK Legacy auto
Chapman actually has a Wikipedia article, so I can tell you a bit more about him.  From '72-'74, his positions apparently included:  "tailback, fullback, split end, punt returner, kickoff returner."  What, no defense?  His subsequent NFL career was brief due to injury--just the 1975 season, with the Saints--but he landed on his feet as a city councilman and in other employment.  His signature "M"s with the left one circled? I dunno, but he's another newbie for me and that's excellent.

Garvie Craw 2004 TK Legacy auto
Reasons Craw ('67-'69) was awesome:  1.  The name, 2.  Scoring four TDs in a 57-point shutout of Illinois in '69, 3.  His heroics in that year's all-time upset of OSU (two TDs), 4.  His major at Michigan:  English, 5.  That gorgeous auto.  Sadly he passed away at the too-young age of 59 six years ago.

John R. Ghindia 2005 TK Legacy auto
John V. Ghindia 2005 TK Legacy auto
I'm going to start with John V., since he came first.  V was a QB/FB from '47-'49, meaning he played for some legendary Michigan squads, including the '48 champs.  A local boy from Ecorse, he apparently wasn't one for putting up gaudy stats, and of his '49 season at QB, the Wikipedia article states "Ghindia's value was as a play-caller and blocking back rather than as a passer or rusher."  One thing's for sure--he knew how to handle a pen!

As for John R., I wasn't really able to find much on him, other than his LinkedIn profile!  He too has a nice signature, and both guys are new to the PC, so that's cool.

Mike Kenn 2002 TK Legacy auto
Kenn carried on the legacy of quality Michigan OTs when, after his Michigan career from '75-'77, he was drafted 13th overall by the Falcons in '78.  He went on to play all 251 games of his 17-year career with Atlanta, and was a five-time Pro-Bowler and All-Pro.  Not bad at all!

Joe O'Donnell 2008 TK Legacy auto
O'Donnell, besides looking like a 1950s movie hero, was an Ann Arbor native and OL for Michigan from '60-'63 and played for both the AFL and NFL versions of the Bills, including two AFL champs.  He's got a beautiful signature as you can see above.

Glen Steele 2008 TK Legacy auto
James Lendale Steele, Jr., was a DE for Michigan from '94-'97, which means he was on the Wolverines' most recent championship squad.  Then again, you probably already knew that because of all of today's players, Glen is the only one for whom I already had a card, also from the TK series:  a '97 Champion auto. He also earned a well-deserved place on Michigan's all-name team along with his teammate...

Sam Sword 2005 TK Legacy auto
...Sam Sword!  Sword played at LB for the Wolverines from '95-'98 so he was also a member of that famed '97 team.  He's still third all-time in career tackles for the Maize and Blue.  He has a very unique signature and I'm happy to own one of another guy with an awesome name.

That's nine new cards and eight new members to the PC, giving me a new total of 114 players--200 here I come!  More importantly, today marks the passage of yet another milestone:  700 football PC hits!  The new official total is 704, with plenty more to come, including nine more cards in this series alone.  Thanks once again to everyone who's contributed, read the blog, and left comments.  Onward to 800!

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