Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Blowout purchase #4 and 5: Too Many Wolverines!

I went on a small run of Blowout forums purchases (relative to the rest of my spending this year) earlier this month, and besides the TK Legacy BIPPing lot, I made a couple smaller, but still enjoyable buys.

#1 was a lot of player lots ("Yo dawg I heard you like lots...").  Basically, a seller started a thread that listed football players for whom he had lots and would give you prices based on which players you chose.  I grabbed all nine Wolverines I saw and came out with 46 cards.  These were mostly base with a couple inserts, but I knew that going in, and I'm always happy to grab whatever I can when it comes to Michigan football.  I even managed to nab eight or so Michigan uni cards.  Total delivered price?  Try $4.90.  Yes, please!  Here's what I got:
Arrington, Breaston, and the start of many Braylons
Nine more of Braylon; those Panini sets really run together, don't they?
Nine MORE of Braylon; the Topps Draft RC is my favorite even if I already have a few of them
The last Braylon (sort of), plus a lone Griese, six Harbaughs, and my absolute favorite of the pair of Harts
Hart #2, four new Desmond Howards (I can definitely use more of him), all with the Pack, a lone Manningham, and three of beast LB LaMarr Woodley
Ok, THIS is the last Braylon, for real.  A great card pairing him with Super Bowl hero Brady

I'm pretty sure I only had a small handful of those, and Michigan dupes don't really bother me anyway, plus it's always great getting extra Michigan uni cards for Jeff.

Next up I threw down a bit more--$6 to be exact, but this time I got four certified football autos.  Three of them will likely head to COMC since they're not anything to write home about, but one of them WAS relevant to my collection:
Mike Martin 2012 Panini Contenders auto RC
It's a spiffy auto/RC of former defensive beast Mike Martin.  This alone made the lot worth it--the different between getting this card alone and the whole lot was negligible anyway.  It's my third autograph of Martin, who I hope earns some more playing time with the Titans this season.  It's also my 695th football hit to date, putting me very close to celebration mode!

Come back soon as I'll have more of the TK Legacy auto lot, more COMC stuff, and an unexpected trade package, Wolverines style!


  1. Mad props on your cheap purchase, you know I'm all about that. It's hard to get college uniform cards that cheap, definitely a great pick-up for you (and maybe me).

    1. Thanks, I knew if anybody would appreciate these, it would be you. And I really am happy enough getting base sometimes instead of the big hits--really, the more of any type of Michigan card, the better, but ESPECIALLY the Michigan uni versions!