Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Michigan gameday #13: vs. South Carolina, plus, happy birthday and happy new year!

Before I get to the gameday portion of this post, there's a couple things I need to take care of first.

To start with, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!  I hope everyone has a safe, productive, and happy 2013, and that each one of you has another great year of blogging and collecting.  Thanks again to all of you who make this hobby fun and rewarding.

No, I didn't mean to insert a "Happy birthday" GIF here--it's time for some Alison Brie!
Next, it's time to celebrate a birthday that's pretty easy for me to remember since it falls on the first day of each year:  today is the one-year anniversary of the creation of this here blog!  A year ago today I finally took the plunge and spun off the Michigan collecting-centric portion of my blogging after thinking about doing so for a couple months.  One year later, I'm definitely happy with the results.  First, I'm no longer annoying the hell out of the mostly baseball-heavy followers of TMV.  Second, I've been thankful for the small following of readers who appreciate some of the posts I've written here, most of which cover additions to my growing Michigan sports PCs.

I have no plans of stopping anytime soon either thanks to the support of readers like you.  I'm also thankful for my co-author, Jeff, who's provided some quality content himself, and made sure at times that this blog had more than one post per week.  It's great to have another voice that's just as passionate about Michigan sports and collecting as I am, and I hope that partnership continues into 2013.  On a related note, if any other collectors would like the opportunity to chime in with some guest posts this year, please let me know and I'll see what we can do!

So thanks again to all of you who have made this second blog project of mine, one that covers a school and hobby near and dear to my heart, worth it.  Here's to a 2013 of great collecting and blogging!

Alright, with all that out of the way, it's time to get down to business.  Even as I write this post, Michigan and South Carolina are both in Tampa, Florida preparing to square off at 1 pm EST in the Outback Bowl.  #18 Michigan finished the regular season 8-4, a bit of a letdown after a fantastic 2011, but the Wolverines look to finish strong against yet another SEC bowl opponent in enemy territory.  #10 South Carolina ended the year at 10-2 with its only losses at the hands of good LSU and Florida squads.

This will be only the third all-time meeting between the teams, and that's one feature of bowl games that I can certainly appreciate.  Consider this one the rubber match as the teams have split the series to-date.  It will be interesting to see how the Wolverine offense continues to grow with underclassman Devin Gardner at the helm due to Denard Robinson's lingering injury issues.  "Shoelace" will be Michigan's wild-card, however, as he could appear at pretty much any position on the field at this point, including rumors of kick return duties.  The Wolverines will need all the help they can get against a talented SC squad highlighted by stud DE Jadeveon Clowney, who's simply been a sack machine and TFL wiz for the Gamecocks.

For myself and my fellow Wolverines fans, here's hoping that Brady Hoke and Denard Robinson have some of the magic of last year up their sleeve as they battle the myth of total SEC superiority.  LET'S GO BLUE!


  1. I have my new shirt from Christmas on and am so ready for this game. I really want to end the season with a big win. GO BLUE!!!


  2. Wow, co-author and quality content. It's getting deep. I hardly ever post and I don't know about quality, but I definitely appreciate the place to post my Michigan stuff in the rare times that I get some. And I definitely enjoy seeing all the great stuff you get and really learning about other past players that I didn't even know went to Michigan. Actually, most of the time you just make me jealous of your cards.

    I look forward to another year and hopefully I'll get more involved here.

    1. Nonsense! I counted that you wrote 18 of last year's 173 posts, which is more than 10%--not bad for a part-time contributor to someone else's blog. Do feel free to contribute more this year, though, as much as you want. Your New Year's resolutions should be:
      -Less Sox